10 Great Twilight Gifts

10 Great Twilight Gifts

10 Great Twilight Giftsblack t shirt

You may be fortunate in that you are shopping for a present for someone that doesn’t currently have the books for the sought after series then you’re in luck. Any of the books can be bought pretty much everywhere these days and with some cyber research you’ll be able to pick up whichever you might want at a discounted price.

Remember that additional Twilight books are available than just the original set of four books. The collection of Twilight books also includes other books such as “Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion”, and “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”, which happens to be a shorter book written by Stephenie Meyer based on one of her character’s in the “Eclipse” Twilight book. You might even consider acquiring a collectible edition of the Twilight Saga books. In case you are feeling adventurous and also have a huge money tree growing in your backyard, you could purchase a signed first edition of any of the Twilight books as a gift.


Movies are going to be favorite Twilight presents this season. Yet again, purchase a movie (Twilight or New Moon) if your fanatic does not already have own them. The DVD of the Eclipse movie should be released prior to the end of this year. I doubt they would take a chance on losing out on sales of the movie during the Christmas season.


Twilight gear available varies from hooded sweatshirts, caps, and socks. Some manufacturers have even released whole collections of st louis cardinals t shirt dependent on Bella’s preferred clothing. The available choices are so enormous you will not have issues at all choosing a piece or two of Twilight st louis cardinals t shirt with fan’s most loved character.


Jewelry is a fantastic Twilight gift to give that Twilight girl on your shopping list. There isn’t a girl out there that won’t love some bling, right? The jewelry collection includes some amazingly designed pieces inspired by Bella (the charm bracelet is among the more spectacular choices), Alice (the little Twilight fashionista), and even the Cullen family. More jewelry pieces are being released each day which means that it certainly won’t be difficult to give an incredible gift of Twilight inspired jewelry for a great price. Match the jewelry together with an awesome jewelry box that will incorporate a special little touch to your gift.


Key chains in addition to bag clips are typically one of the most inexpensive and therefore most popular Twilight accessories. Posters, wall calendars, water bottles, and even billfolds and lunch boxes are included in the assortment of accessories. Can you imagine they even sell band aids with Twilight characters on them?


So you feel your Twilight addict undoubtedly has pretty much everything? Wrong. You will find Twilight action figures, trading cards, and don’t forget about life size cardboard cut outs, or standees as they are occasionally called. What fan doesn’t dream of Jacob or Edward greeting them!


School bags, messenger bags, as well as handbags. There is a great collection of bags available and it really simplifies picking one out that will make a terrific Twilight related gift.


Several Twilight game titles are available that range from PlayStation, Wii, or board games. These types of games are actually even entertaining for anyone that has never read the books. In addition they make a very good addition to any slumber party. Twilight games will provide several hours of fun, and naturally along with each and every movie released, unique trivia and games are usually released with it.


Many fans adore the Twilight tunes which means that CDs make a great present. Yeah I’m sure, considering the iPods and other MP3 players that CDs occasionally get pushed off to the side. Then, give them a gift card so that they are able download their favorite tunes directly to their player.


Twilight puzzles make another great gift. Once again, along with each of the movie that are released….. additional puzzles! I recently purchased another one of Bella and Edward. The puzzles actually either reflect great unforgettable moments within the movie or your absolute favorite Twilight characters in a number of great poses. 3D puzzles are particular favorites.

Consider yourself quite lucky if you’ve a Twilight fan on your holiday list at the moment. It will likely be the most stress free shopping trip you’ve ever had!

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