10 Tips to Help Prevent Athlete’s Foot

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Top Ten Ways to Help Prevent Athlete’s Foot

(We say “help” because the only way to truly prevent it is to live in a plastic bubble…. most people are impartial to that idea.)

  1. Wear something on your feet in any public area that involves people walking in bare feet. Flip-flops, sandals, shoes, water socks, etc.
  2. Wash your feet well with soap and water after being in said areas.
  3. Don’t let your feet sit wet for long periods ie. towel dry your feet over air drying them after the shower or pool.
  4. Wear clean cotton socks every day. Don’t put your old socks on from the day before!
  5. If your feet sweat a lot, keep an extra pair of socks on hand to swap out mid day or as often as you need to keep your feet dry.
  6. Wash your cotton socks in HOT water.
  7. Buy shoes that “breath”. Open-toed foot wear is great. Running shoes with mesh all over are good too.
  8. Place small amounts of powder in shoes specifically made to keep shoes dry and prevent Athlete’s Foot.
  9. Leave shoes by a heater vent or in a sunny window. Do anything to make sure they are dry the next time you wear them.
  10. Don’t share shoes with your friends!

Athlete’s Foot is one of the most common foot infections in North America. Many of us have had it or will get it at some point. It’s almost like catching the common cold. It’s prevalent everywhere and some people are just more susceptible to it than others. Although these steps will help, they are not guaranteed. Fungal spores are small and can lay dormant for so long that it’s hard to know sometimes where we even contracted the infection.

It spreads from foot to foot easily because these spores can lay dormant on the skin or the ground for a very long time. All it takes is for someone to get a splash of infected water or step on the right puddle. The spore gets caught between your toes and may stay there for days and even weeks. Once that spore is in a warm moist environment ie. your shoe, it will grow. When the spores grow your skin gets irritated and that’s when you know for sure that you have Athlete’s Foot.

If you are plagued with this irritating infection there are many over the counter products that should help. Find one that works for you and keep a supply on hand. Following the steps above will help speed recovery.

write by Aidan

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