10 Ways to Use Wax Paper

10 Ways to Use Wax Paper

10 Ways to Use Wax Paperblack t shirt

Yes, ordinary wax paper, has a multitude of uses!

1. Need a funnel? Put a sheet of wax paper over a piece of newspaper and roll the whole thing up starting from one corner. Pull it snugly into a small end and use it for a funnel for almost anything.

2. Make hangers glide along a clothes rod. Rub a piece of wax paper over the clothes rod and hangers will glide back and forth more easily.

3. Prevent shoe polish from smearing. Let the shoe polish dry, then rub los angeles dodgers t shirt with a sheet of wax paper to remove the excess polish. Use a second piece of wax paper as a work surface to prevent shoe polish from spattering the floor.

4. Prevent a mess when whipping cream with an electric beater. Poke two small holes in the middle of a piece of wax paper, slip the stem of the beaters through the holes and attach to the machine. Lower the beaters into the mixing bowl, keeping wax paper over the bowl, and turn on the machine.

5. Prevent spatters in the microwave. Cover spaghetti and meatballs, chili, or other saucy foods with wax paper.

6. Craft for Kids: Make a crayon sun-catcher. Using a small pencil sharpener, shave crayons onto a sheet of wax paper. Fold the wax paper in half, covering all the shavings. Press with a warm iron until the crayon shavings melt. When cool, thread string through the top of the wax paper and hang in a window.

7. Improvise a diaper changing pad with a piece of wax paper. Keep some in the diaper bag for traveling.

8. Save ingredients when measuring. When measuring flour, sugar, baking mix, or other dry ingredients, crease a piece of wax paper down the middle, open it up, and place it on the kitchen countertop. Spoon the ingredient into a dry measuring cup, level off with a knife or spatula, letting the excess fall on the wax paper. Pick up the wax paper and pour the excess back in its canister.

9. Store candles. Roll candles in a piece of wax paper before placing them in a drawer or storage box to protect them from getting scuffed.

10. Resurface a metal sliding board. Rub a piece of wax paper on the metal slide.

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