1920s Style Heart Pinboard and Book Cover – Free sewing patterns


**Pinboard**Fabric, cotton: assorted, 10cm square, 32; lining, 50cm squareRibbon, grosgrain, striped, 1.5cm wide, 200cmPaper, 50cm squareFoam board, 50cm x 100cmButtons, cover, 2.3cm, threeWadding, medium weight, 100cm x 50cmEmbroidery thread**Notebook**Fabric, patternedWaddingNotebook, plain hardbackKnife, craftTape, double-sided

Dimensions List

Pinboard: 42cm x 48cmNotebook: 10.5cm x 14.8cm

Make a pinboard

Fold a 50cm square sheet of paper in half and cut a large heart shape from it. Use this as a template to cut two hearts from foam board and fix these together with double-sided tape to increase the thickness. Draw around the template onto lining fabric and cut out leaving a 1.5cm seam allowance. Fold the seam allowance in and tack in place. Press to set the curved edges.

Draw a vertical line down the centre of the template and from this draw a series of diagonal lines at 45? from the vertical, 8cm apart in both directions to make a grid pattern. Arrange your fabric squares over the grid until you are happy with the placement of the different designs. Don’t forget that even small sections of squares on the grid will need cloth covering them.

Begin stitching rows of squares together into strips using a 1cm seam allowance. Press the strips and keep them in the correct order on the grid before stitching them together to make a fabric panel. Press again and check the fabric will cover the whole heart with 3cm overlap. Use the template to cut two hearts from wadding and roughly tack together. Fix the wadding to the foam board with a little double-sided tape, lay the material over it and pin in place ensuring the centre of the fabric and the heart line up.

Use double-sided tape to temporarily attach the edges of the fabric tightly over the wadding and onto the back of the foam board. Cut and pin lengths of ribbon over the front of the heart, covering some seams and fix the ends to the back as before.

Cover three buttons with matching fabric. Stitch these in place where the ribbons cross using six strands of embroidery thread and a sharp needle that is long enough to pass through the fabric, wadding and foam board. Keep the thread fairly taut so the buttons are pulled into the wadding and create a dip.

Take the pressed heart of lining material and pin to the fabric at the back of the heart to cover all raw edges. Slip stitch in place around the edge with small stitches to complete.