2011 Christmas Gifts for Dad – How to Surprise the Old Man

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Choosing what to give your dad for Christmas for 2011 can be a tough call, considering these men are older and more set in their ways and have many dislikes for fashion. So to get him the perfect gift, you should try and be a little more thoughtful.

So let us work out some of the possible perfect Christmas gifts that you could surprise your father with during this coming important day.

Beach Shorts:

Therefore fear not, there is a total range of unusual Christmas presents available, just perfect for the festive season. Supposing your dad wanted to go on a holiday, and then you can surprise him with some of the latest beach shorts..

It will also give him some pride because, the brand can be trendy and unique, while others around him maybe staring and wondering, where did he get those from? The trendiest of these are the swim trunks, board shorts and bulldog shorts, so this is just one of the surprises you can give to your dad.


Men are also creatures that love trendy shoes, and when it comes to this, the choice is overwhelming, but how about buying for him the trendy Wingtip Blucher shoe? This shoe goes with khakis that are loved by many older men; it makes them feel in a class of their own. Moreover, they’re the latest in the market for the year 2011, they come in brick red, or black rubber sole for comfort when walking.

Another trendy shoe could be limited Marlton Incognac, it is a brown laced-up neutral shoe and it is so easy to pair with almost any color tailoring, be it brown, navy or the catchy grey. It can be used on a daily basis which is their big advantage. They are also so classic that they will warrant a second glance!


Men love watches, and this is not without question. Whether he is in the house or out meeting with old friends, he will find it perfect to have a wristwatch. Wrist watches come in varieties, and the hard part here is choosing the right watch even if they function the same, so to really impress the old man, you need something extra ordinary. Conduct a case study of the kinds of watches that he wears, list them down. Then go to the shops and surprise him with the latest watch in the market, may be you could go for the famous classic Nookia. Giving this to your father on Christmas day you can be sure that he will forever have you in his heart.

Polo Shirts:

Older men are also known to love polo t-shirts, and you can use this to your advantage too. Since men love hanging out in the afternoons, may be go out to play polo or tennis just to keep fit. The polo t-shirt will come in so handy on such occasions, that all the blessings and praises will fall upon you!

So, get out and look for something extraordinary this Christmas for your dad, just make sure not to deliver the gift by yourself. Wrap or have the items gift wrapped neatly. It is a day that he will live to remember.

write by Ula

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