5 Flirting Techniques for Flirting With Women

5 Flirting Techniques for Flirting With Women

5 Flirting Techniques for Flirting With Womenblack t shirt

Most guys totally miss the point when flirting with women. They seem to think that a skillfully delivered, well-timed pickup line is all they need to get the girl. While it is true that cheesy pickup lines work on some, most women will be totally turned off. These guys are in too much of a hurry. They fail to realize that half the fun of seducing a
woman is in the initial act of flirting. That’s too bad!

That being said, how do you begin when flirting with women? Certainly not like this – here’s some of my favorite cheesy pickup lines:

===> You know what would look good on you? Me!
===> Your eyes are bluer than the Atlantic ocean, and baby I’m lost at sea!
===> I must be in heaven because I’m looking at an angel!
===> Hi, I’m Mr. Right–I heard you were looking for me.
===> Is there an airport nearby or is that my heart taking off?

Those are some pretty sad examples of attempted flirting that will get you nowhere. If you want to be assured of spending lots of nights sitting alone on your couch watching the National Geographic Channel, use some of those lines the next time
you approach a woman.

You’ve seen the wrong way, now let’s discuss the right way. Try these 5 flirting techniques for flirting with woman:

  1. Build Rapport – Rapport is another word for flirting. It’s more subtle but aims for the same result. It’s not about complimenting her on everything from her hair to her shoes. Far from it. Building rapport is all about finding something in common. If you dig deep enough, everyone has something in common with someone else. Use this to your advantage. Sometimes you don’t have to dig at all. Perhaps you see a cute girl downtown, window shopping. She’s standing in front of a book store looking at books in the storefront window. OK, she likes books. So do you. You have a great chance to build rapport. You walk over and stand next to her. What do you say? ===> What kind of books do you enjoy? ===> Have you read the new book by James Patterson? ===> Great store. I thought I would go in and look around. Would you care to join me? ===> What’s the last book you bought? Look for opportunities and take advantage of them.
  2. Mix Cockiness With Humor – Right about now, you’re probably wondering – “OK, how do I do that?” The moment she says something you don’t agree with, call her on it but do so in a teasing manner. The perfect combination of cockiness and humor will totally disarm her and make her laugh at the same time. Don’t use this technique to excess or she will think you are arrogant.
  3. Touch Her – You have to know your boundaries and keep them. Nevertheless, touching her is “upping the ante” and is an important part of flirting if you are working toward a bedroom rendezvous. Be subtle. Hold the door open for her and touch the small of her back as she walks by. Occasionally, touch her arm while talking to her as if to make a point. If you get a good response, hold her hand. Don’t take her hand for no reason. Wait until you are walking through a crowd somewhere and take her hand.
  4. Be Sexually Suggestive – OK, we know what’s on your mind and so does she. You need to bring up the subject of sex but in an indirect way. The best way to do that is through stories. Don’t be vulgar. Talk about a “friend of yours” who recently got married and is asking you for some kind of sexual advice concerning the marriage bedroom. Perhaps something about what he could do to please his wife more in bed. You’re not a woman so you’re asking a woman (her) for some advice you can pass on to your friend. This step is very important if you want to get her into bed with you because you want her to view you as a possible lover, not a friend.
  5. Show Your Adventurous Side – You never want her to think you’re a boring guy (even if you are). Letting her think that you’re an exciting, adventurous guy will draw her closer to you. Inject exciting stories into your conversations about road trips, crazy travels, places you’ve been and places you would like to visit. A word of caution: Don’t brag! You’ll blow it all if you start bragging.

The aforementioned flirting techniques work great for flirting with women. Incorporate them into your daily interactions with the opposite sex and watch your dating life and sex life soar.

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write by Mackenzie St Germain

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