5 Tips to Accelerate Your Job Search and Land the Job of Your Dreams

5 Tips to Accelerate Your Job Search and Land the Job of Your Dreams

5 Tips to Accelerate Your Job Search and Land the Job of Your Dreamsblack t shirt

Job search can take up to 6 months. Aacck! You cringe… 6 months? Yes, it is true. However, with aggressive and effective job search techniques, it can happen much, much quicker. Here are 5 tips that will help you get the job you want…

1) NETWORK. Networking is the #1 way to get a job. 70% of job seekers find it through who they know, not what they know. OK, I’m going to say it again. NETWORK. Tell everyone and anyone you know. Go through your ‘contacts’ in your email addresses and reconnect with old friends and family. Take them out to lunch. Face-to-face is best. Spread the word. Go to local business networking lunches. Join a local organization… Chamber of Commerce, fundraising/volunteer groups, your church, anything to meet new people and gain new contacts (doing something good for others and making you feel good at the same time). Return the favor, help out in other people’s job search where you can. If you know ABC Co. has an open position that would be perfect for Joe Smith, call him up and let him know. Tell people. Join an online social network like ‘LinkedIn’ (more on that one further down… it needs its own heading!). Networking is the fastest way to get a job.

2) JOB FAIRS. Job Fairs offer the fact-to-face factor that employers like. Remember to dress accordingly, because the HR person’s first impression of you will be a lasting one. Do your homework and come prepared. What companies are going to be there? What jobs will they be offering? How do you match those position descriptions? Prepare your 30-second ‘elevator speech’. Role play with a friend on how you will answer the basic interviewing questions (What are your strengths/weaknesses? How have you helped your current company drive revenue growth? Cut company costs? Etc.). Remain calm and enthusiastic about the position. Wow! them with your knowledge of the companies. Collect cards from the tables for contact info and when you leave, be sure to stop at each one and thank them (again) for their time. Send each person you spoke with a thank you card. This will reiterate who you were and what you discussed. Don’t forget to get the contact info of the other candidates you talked with. You never know when you will be able to help each other out.

3) ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKS. These are rapidly becoming one of the top ways to network. I use LinkedIn and have really enjoyed it. It’s been an interesting way to reconnect with colleagues and college friends. I know Facebook is getting a following and I am sure there are others that will be coming out quicker than you can say MySpace. I offer a private LinkedIn “connection” to my clients. This allows them to connect with other executives within my community. You can also look up company names and see if you know anyone at the company. Or, find a point person’s name and contact them either via LinkedIn or at the company. It’s also a great way to establish a presence and hopefully be found by recruiters.

4) RÉSUMÉ & COVER LETTER. Your résumé and cover letter are essential tools to your job search success. Does your résumé accurately display your achievements? Do you utilize keywords correctly? Have you created a personal brand for yourself? Is it appealing to the eye? Does it have sparkle and shine? Will it keep the reader interested? Are there any grammar, punctuation, or syntax errors? Is it current, or do you need an update? Have a professional do it. It can’t be stressed enough. A great résumé not only looks great, but reads great, too. I’ve had my clients tell me that they resent their newly written, professional résumé to a company they had just applied to a month or two ago, and got responses and offers immediately (a blatant plug, yes). It is an investment that keeps on giving and is worth its weight in gold.

5) STAY POSTIVE. This is so important to your job search. Staying positive and focused on the outcome you want is truly a huge part of getting a job quicker. Think about this: remember that bad day you had? It started out bad when you stubbed your toe getting out of bed, escalated when you ran out of toothpaste, and saw that your favorite st louis cardinals zip up hoodie had a giant scuff on them. It put you in a fowl mood when you noticed your gas tank was on “E”, praying you’d make it to the gas station. Got to work late, and on and on. See the domino effect? That wasn’t an accident. It was the energy you were putting out. The angrier you got, the worse your day got. Luckily it works in reverse too. Now think about a great day you’ve had. Got to work early, your boss commented on how well you are doing, your favorite special-of-the-day was on the menu for lunch, you landed a fantastic new account, and so on. You were walking on air, enjoying your great day. That wasn’t accidental either. You were putting out positive energy and the people around you felt it. You may think this is silly, but try it today and watch your day get better. Like attracts like. What you focus on expands. If you focus on good things, you will get more of that. If you focus on bad, you will get more of that, too. So stay positive, keep your focus on the progress you’ve made, and know that the right job is on its way to you.

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