6 Caring Tips For Your Precious Harley Boots

6 Caring Tips For Your Precious Harley Boots

6 Caring Tips For Your Precious Harley Bootsblack t shirt

When you first bought your Harley Davidson boots, you knew you want them to last a long time with you. Not only because you spent some good amount of money on them but also because you love your boots so much that you want to keep on wearing them for as long as possible.

This should not be too much of a challenge since these boots are made from hardwearing leather material that can withstand wear and tear even after so many years. But of course, as the owner, you need to do your share in caring and maintaining the boots because even if they are made of top quality, they should still be given the right attention.

Here are some important tips on how to care for your precious Harley Boots.

1. Keep dust off your boots. Leather can easily accumulate dust if you do not do daily cleaning. Remember to clean your boots every day or every after use to remove surface dust and dirt. Wipe it with a clean damp cloth and allow to dry naturally. Dust left on the boots for a long time can settle into the leather.

2. Use specialized high quality leather cleaner. It is not advisable to use whatever detergent or cleaning solution you find in your home to clean your footwear. You need to use a solution that is specially designed for leather boots such as Harley Davidson.

3. Condition the leather. Aside from the leather cleaner, it is also a must to condition leather at least once a week to keep it soft and supple. If you are residing in a place where the climate is dry, you need to condition your leather deer hunting shirt more often. Also, it would be a smart move to consider the footwear right after you clean them while they are still damp since moist leather absorbs conditioner more effectively. Just do not put too much because excessive conditioning can lead to sticky and dull leather.

4. Polish your boots. Use a shoe cream designed for leather. Choose one that matches the color of your boots and use a soft cloth to apply the cream. Allow the cream to dry a few minutes before brushing or buffing to give it the shine that would make it look good as new.

5. Air dry naturally. It is never a good idea to expose your boots to extreme heat, not even if you want to speed up drying process. Do not put the leather near any heat source as this can harm the material badly. Allow the boots to air dry naturally after cleaning.

6. Handle with care. Yes, your Harley Boots can withstand wear and tear but this does not mean that it is all right for you to abuse them. As much as possible, do not subject them to extremely rough conditions. Or if you need to, just clean them up properly after.

Caring for a pair of Harley Davidson footwear should not be too difficult if you follow these suggestions. These tips are also applicable to other kinds of boots such as Kids Harley Davidson Boots and Harley Boots for Women.

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