6 Common Fixtures Ideal For Your Store

6 Common Fixtures Ideal For Your Store

6 Common Fixtures Ideal For Your Storeblack t shirt

Ideally, to make every store presentable and worth-visiting, they should make use of fixtures such as: counter-top display, slatwall fixture, gridwall fixture, hanger and accessories, garment racks, and mannequins.

Fixtures are objects attached permanently on a particular area to serve numerous purposes such as for display, to accentuate, and to maximize space. Just like in any store, you can find several store fixtures because they simply want to take advantage of the above-mentioned reasons. Below are the different types of store fixtures with their corresponding descriptions.

Counter-top display

If you are planning put up a business starting with a small rented space, displaying stock is not a problem anymore. You can make the most of your space by utilizing numerous display racks, which are as follows: counter top display case, 12-peg counter rack, 3-tier counter rack, multipurpose counter rack, slot paper rack, 5-tier merchandiser, clipper counter display, boxed goods counter display, counter spinner, and Vid-Lit counter rack. These are considered essentials in commercial shops because a place that is in order can be very inviting in the eyes of the customers.

Slatwall fixture

These come in different forms and sizes – all mounted on the wall to increase your means of exposing the products. Some examples of slatwall fixtures include: hooks, picture hangers, shelf brackets, waterfalls and faceouts, scarecrow display, hangrails, and hat displays. Although these are just store accessories, they play an important role in keeping the place organize and tidy.

Gridwall fixture

A lot similar to slatwall fixtures, gridwall are gridlike steels fixed on the wall where hooks, hangers, and brackets are hanged. This is also where the wire shelves and wire baskets are displayed because they occupy less space. Having several sets in your store will create a big impact when it comes to customer’s convenience in sorting out products of their choice.

Hanger and accessories

One of the most commonly used stir fixtures are the hangers. These allow a well-organized display of stocks and maximize available space. For functionality purposes, hangers also need accessories such as retrieval hook and stacker organizer.

Garment racks

Rolling racks, arm racks, and shoe racks are just few of the many garment racks used inside the store premises. It provides convenience especially the rolling racks because there is no more pushing and pulling when transferring things to another display area.


A good way to attract customers to buy viking zip up viking armor hoodie is to display them through mannequins. They give life to the robes you are selling; therefore, a good visual stimulation for prospect clients.

Bear in mind that a business that is systematically arranged and classified is the kind of business that usually prosper. This is because the place alone already encourages the clients to come back for more.

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