6 Places You Can Touch Your Man To Make Him Scream With Pleasure

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Try touching these five sensitive parts of his body and see if he does not beg you to continue doing whatever it is you are doing to him.

1. The arches of his feet. This is an especially sensitive area for everyone; however, it is especially sensitive for men. Next time you are get intimate with your man take a second to give him a sensual foot massage, paying attention to the arches of his feet, and see what happens.

2. His Earlobes. Begin by leaning into him like you are about to whisper some dark and dangerous secret, but instead run the tip of your tongue down the edge of his ear. Don’t try to drown his ear or gore it out with y our tongue or anything, just lightly caress the outer parts of his ears with your tongue. And if you breathe into his ear as you lightly kiss them, he will get even more turned on.

3. Run your fingertips gently down his back and across the top of his butt. There are millions of nerve endings in flesh, and merely taking the time to touch them can be a new and excited sexual experience for the both of you. You might also try this with warm and cold stones, alternating between the two as you glide them over his already-sensitive flesh.

4. Everyone knows that the shaft of the penis and the testicles are highly sensitive areas, but few women realize that there is a small patch of flesh just behind the testicles and before the anus that is especially sensitive for men. So, the next time you’re giving your man a blow job, gently cup his testicles while you lightly run your fingernails across that patch and see if he does not cry out.

5. The back of his thighs are also a very sensitive to touch. During sex, reach back and see if you can’t lightly stroke the back of his thighs.

6. His Neck. Lick his neck and use your lips and tongue to massage the muscles of his neck while caressing his chest and nipples gently.

Note that you have to be ready for what comes after you get him hot and bothered. Yes, he will want to make love to you, unless he is too exhausted to do anything.

write by Orla

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