7 Steps on How to Get Women on a Sexual Tension Level on First Dates

7 Steps on How to Get Women on a Sexual Tension Level on First Dates

7 Steps on How to Get Women on a Sexual Tension Level on First Datesblack t shirt

Gentlemen, what you’re about to discover is a fail-proof, step-by-step mini blueprint to help you raise a woman’s buying temperature; in other words, increase her personal attraction level towards you.

Follow the steps below and I will guarantee you a trip to your date’s front door while wrapping the night up with a kiss to remember.

Now, before you can successfully reach that desired state, you must agree to cover some legwork. Building sexual tension cannot happen in a flick of a switch, it’s a progressive process.

You must first be aware that foreplay outside the bedroom exists, and that’s what we’ll focus on developing first. Sexual tension does not begin during dinner with naughty banters about sex, or how hot your date looks in her satin dress; it all starts before the rendezvous, and also in the fashion in which you ask her out.

1. Truth be told, all women want to be wooed, while gushing uncontrollably in exhilaration before their first date. What women want from men is one that incites excitement; so burst her excite-o-meter towards meeting you. The feeling of anticipation towards the first date is always more enjoyable than living in the actual moment. It may even result in sleepless nights if done right.

When setting up the first date, don’t text message; let her hear your actual voice. Keep the call for the rendezvous simple and straightforward: “Let’s go have coffee; we’re going to have a great time over drinks.”

Assert that a great time is indeed what she’ll get. Leave the rest to imagination.

2. While on the phone, sound like a fun, strong, and steadfast man who knows what he wants. This is very attractive to women. You can easily accomplish such delivery when your tonal voice is composed and relaxed. Your words must be totally in sync with your delivery.

The trick here is to train your mind to be comfortable with your sexuality, manhood, and at the root of it all, yourself.

Do not behave indecisively over the phone by asking where or what she wants to do for your first get-together. Always play the dominant role. Take charge. Take the lead. Women don’t want to make the decision.

3. Research about her. Thanks to the bloom of social networking, it’s always great to conduct a background check on your date. Such resource usually comes in abundance on Facebook, or through any social networking site she may be registered on.

In case you can’t locate her profile page, simply ask her directly for her Myspace or Facebook e-mail. You got her number already; getting the web address shouldn’t be a problem.

Now comes the actual event.

4. Focus on how you dress for the evening, and what her houston astros polo says to you.

Whenever out on dates, dress sharp. Being a designer myself, here are a few quick fashion tips. When wearing a button up shirt, your sleeves should always be rolled up European-style. Keep it cut to the elbow with both sleeve-ends folded back once. The hem or frills of your jeans should not be mopping the floor as you walk, and your viking style modern viking clothing should not be three times your body size either.

As for your shoes, bring out one that’s non-scuffed and color compliments your overall attire. Sharp dressers communicate to a woman, “I made an effort for you.”

Chances are, she will also have invested a great time picking out the perfect dress or top. When you see her, genuinely give a quick compliment about an intriguing piece of article or accessory she has on. Women love men who notice and appreciate the dress up hassle they went through.

Another hot tip is to compliment on the intangibles. The intangibles are attributes that aren’t material. This could involve her natural talent, facial quirks, or saccharine smile. That’s what women want to hear. Something out the ordinary and memorable.

Try to steer clear from mainstream and over recycled compliments like “You’re so beautiful.”

To close this fashion tip, remember, how suavely dressed you appear does no justice if you can’t behave like a gentleman, so don’t forget to put on your chivalry-hat.

5. Most men frequently ask me, “How can I touch her in a non-sexual way, yet raise her comfort level towards you sexually?”

Well, your first touch should always be sensible. For example, when walking to your reserved table, place your hand in the small of her back and guide her to destination.

Women love it when a man shows just a hint of public affection, which subtly communicates, “I care about this woman and I’m not afraid to show it.”

Once you’re both seated, that’s when the ball starts rolling. Make her feel like the most special and luckiest woman in the room. Keep her entertained, and most importantly, keep her talking about herself.

When you keep a woman talking about herself, it shows that you want to discover more about her, since she’s worth the discovery, isn’t she? You don’t want a woman to ever suspect you only discovering beneath her clothes or what her breast cup sizes are.

Whatever comes out of your mouth should mostly be questions. Don’t fall into the trap of full-blown self-disclosure though. Never ever give in too much, too early. Protect your mystery level during the first few meet ups. What women want from men is one that also makes them guess.

When speaking, do so articulately, and lower your voice in a way that compels her to inch forward to hear you better. This is a very smart, and cunning way to minimize the distance between you two physically.

Also, resist the urge to splurge about your personal sporting heroics, past accomplishments, or worse, driveling about your friends, office politics, or ex girlfriend. She’s also not there to ask you for life advice, or how you can fix hers. What she needs is a man with ears, not one whose mind only thinks about removing her underwear. This brings me to the next point.

6. Empathy. All women love empathy. Empathy equals ears, and women love nothing more than a good ear. Men who show empathy gets easy beacon points for listening, and not immediately trying to fix her problem.

Remember this. Women love to spill their emotional baggage, but they don’t want you to fix it. They just want you to listen.

A few responses like, “Wow. That must have been so hard on you when he left…how did you manage?” will get her entranced and feel well understood.

That’s what women want in a man. One who listens and understands.

Now, after the dinner, the date isn’t exactly over yet. You still want her to believe that you are the most interesting man in the world to be around with, therefore promising you more dates in the future.

After you pay for the bills, drop a simple line like: “I know this great wine bar nearby, excellent Montrachet, your style exactly.”

Wherever you want to take her, there’s no need to aks. Just take control. She will follow you anywhere at this point.

7. After the evening ages wonderfully and all the wine is consumed, it’s time to take her home.

Now, her defense level may already have whittled down, but never ever take advantage of a woman who’s intoxicated.

When you both arrive at her front steps, there’ll be no room to shuffle your feet. You need to be bold and decisive. She is yours for the taking now. Now comes the opportune time to show her that you care about her, not exactly in Disney-like way either.

Right before you let her back into her house, fluidly inch forward, place a hand behind her back as if you’ve done this effortlessly hundreds of times before, and go for the kiss.

When performing this feat, remind yourself that you’re the coolest man on the planet. You and her lip locking were all meant to happen. Don’t make it an awkward situation and it won’t be one. Don’t wrestle her lips into submission either. Simply brush your lips against hers and let gravity take care of the rest.

Gentlemen, the measure of tension comes not from seeing how far the rope stretches; it comes from seeing how speedily her lips quiver when you lean forward for that first kiss.

If you’d like to discover more powerful cutting edge dating tips for guys, or great insights on how to become an alpha male, then make sure you check out my other live articles available.

Here’s a toast to exploding your game.


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