7 Top Tips to Keep a Business Women’s Busy Feet Healthy and Ready For Fabulous Business Shoes

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Business women love beautiful women’s shoes.  Well, your busy feet love beautiful shoes too. Female feet can look lovely in the right women’s shoes and business dress shoes increase your business image. But to be able to wear those wonderful shoes, from high fashion heels to discount shoes, you have to take care of your feet.  Even the most beautiful shoe will be a pain if your feet are not well cared for.  These 7 tips show a business woman how to care for your feet so you can enjoy all of your shoes.

1. Circulation. Be sure your feet are getting good circulation on a daily basis. After a full day on your feet, take off your shoes and elevate your feet to get the blood circulating. Move your ankles around and stretch your feet back and forth. You will feel the effects of this bit of exercise as your tired feet start to feel more relaxed  

2. Foot Bath. Fill a tub with warm water and give yourself a nice foot bath. Use a few green tea bags to help sooth your feet. Make the water warm but not hot and soak for at least 20 minutes or until the water starts to cool. The water will relax your tired feet and gets the blood flowing. Be sure to dry between your toes to keep your skin from chafing.  

3. Correct Shoe Size. With so many shoes stores letting you try on shoes without measuring your feet for you, it can sometimes be difficult to know what a shoe really fits properly. You want to be sure to wear shoes that don’t pinch your feet or let your feel pressure at the bone near your toes. You should be able to gently move your toes in the top of the shoe.   

4. Get Moving. Don’t stay in one place for too long without moving your feet. One business woman took an international flight and stayed in her seat for over 19 hours. She ended up with swollen feet and ankles that were painful for days after her arrival to her vacation destination. If you have to be seated for a long period of time still find a way to move your feet around. Wiggle your toes; try to bend your knees up and down as if walking from a seated position. Massage your feet if you can get to them and take off your shoes to wiggle your toes.  

5. Change Shoe Size. You feet continue to change throughout your life. As you grow older your foot will usually get a bit larger. Don’t just purchase your shoes according to your current shoe size. Take time to try new shoes on each time you buy a new pair. Take a few steps to be sure you’re getting the correct size and shift to a larger size for comfort sake if needed.     

6. Arch support. You arch is in the middle, inside of your foot. It is normally elevated a bit. Shoes can have a built in arch support that keeps your foot from getting tired. If you have a regular arch you want to keep your arch from falling. A fallen arch can be a painful condition and can lead to leg pains and other physical problems. If the shoe doesn’t have good arch support, buy an insert to put into the shoe. You might need to get a larger shoe size so the insert can fit and the shoe still be comfortable to wear.    

7. Whole foot fit. It’s common to think about how your toes fit into your shoe or not; but think also about your whole foot. The ball of your foot should be comfortable in the widest part of the shoe. The heel should not chaff the back of your foot. You shoe should fit the shape of your foot. Although high heels are attractive they can be hard on your feet if you have them on for long periods of time. Always stand up when you’re buying shoes to be sure your longest toes have adequate room to be comfortable.  

From high fashion shoes to discount shoes, these quick tips will help you to take care of your feet so you can enjoy all types of beautiful women’s shoes as you go about your busy day. Wearing the right shoes for your feet is not only good for your fashion but good for your health. You will be more effective in your business when your feet and comfortable and healthy.  Even the most beautiful business shoes will do you no good if your feet hurt all of the time. Use these tips to care for your feet then go find those gorgeous shoes to show them off during each business day. 

write by Anatole

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