70’s Trends Swinging Back This 2011!

70's Trends Swinging Back This 2011!

70's Trends Swinging Back This 2011!black t shirt

Though men’s fashion styles don’t change very often as women’s, the year 2011 is going to see some really interesting trends hitting back from the 70’s era in both men’s and women’s fashion trends. The 70’s were full of colorful chambray, long boot cuts, bright turtleneck T shirts teamed with grey jackets, flared bottom pants, black formal viking shirts and wayfarer spectacles. Indeed, it must’ve taken you back to the days when Elvis Presley ruled the hearts of every youngster across the globe.

Trenches, satin finishes, grey hues, and scoop neck T shirts are some of the key features this spring 2011. The perfect 70’s look is not only for the casual or party wearers. The trend has slightly transformed the formal wear as well. So, it’s time to do up your office or formal wear collection with a nicely fitted suit from the 70’s. Here, we will point you in the right direction to help you put the perfect looks together.

Dress Smart your Business Attire

In today’s highly competitive world, it is necessary that you dress smartly at your workplace. When it comes to dressing for work place, you must treat yourself as a brand and your clothes as your packaging. If you don’t package your product well, nobody is going to buy it. Likewise, you must invest in a great business suit that is well fitted and classic. You must team it up with a good quality custom tailored shirts, nice tie, well-shaped formal shoes, nice, trendy & quality briefcase and a decent watch.

The one coat that every man needs is a versatile French coat. Classic polo neck shirts in cotton material look wonderful beneath a coat. Don’t get overboard with the latest trends. The idea is to keep a simple and appropriate wardrobe for the season. You shouldn’t feel weird seeing your old photographs. It’s a challenge to have an evergreen wardrobe; it should always reflect your unique personality and your lifestyle.

Spice up your Nightlife with Trendy Shirts and Pants

Remembering the incredible clothing, colors and styles of the era is important for the perfect 70s night look. 1970s was about wearing tight, really fitted clothes. If you are wearing a T shirt, it should really cling to your body. Your custom tailored shirts should be buttoned down for a more casual look.

Top up the look with feathered hair and white sneakers and you would be ready to become the highlight of every party.

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