8 Tips On How To Dress Like A Gentlemen

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Do you want to dress like a gentlemen? Well, before doing this you must know the next 8 tips.

1. Be A Gentlemen

What do you mean by that? You may ask. Well, it is important to know how to treat other people. Be calm, be patient, treat them cu respect. Your are the ruler of your own inner world, and no one can disrupt you from your inner peace. Walk straight, be polite and by all means you must have a good positive attitude.

2. Use Shirts

Now that we discussed on how to walk and to present yourself compartmentally, let’s talk on how to dress yourself. The shirts, especially the dress shirts are very important in the wardrobe of a gentlemen.

A dress shirt defines a gentlemen. A dress shirt it’s a must in every outfit. Buy casual looking dress shirts, without all kinds of models. Simple dress shirts are best.

3. Use A Blazer

The blazer is another must. They are all kinds of blazer, formal blazers, casual blazers and dress blazer. In now days you can use for your daily outfit a casual blazer. Casual blazers are stylish and they come in different forms, shapes and colors.

For the summer, choose a light blazer, made from linen texture – not cotton. Cotton blazers wrinkle easily. For the winter choose a wool blazer.

4. The Dress Coat

In winter, you must use a dress coat. I recommend to be made from wool too. The color should be darker and the collar should cover your neck if possible.

5. The Hat

The hat is a must! A hat on a men is like the high heels on a women. It makes you look stylish and powerful. The type of hat that you need is called fedora hat. It’s the most stylish hat you can ever wear. Do not use a cowboy hat!

6. The Trousers

Use dress trousers and blue jeans. Keep it simple. No models, no eccentric color or style. Simple is the key to dress like a gentlemen.

7. The Shoes

Shoes are a very important piece in the wardrobe. A shoe can make or ruin a style. Use leather shoes. You can never go wrong with oxford classic shoes.

8. What about T-shirts and shorts?

You can use t-shirts and shorts just when you go to make sport, or outdoor. Never use this in your daily outfits. A stylish t-shirt is the Izod shirt. Which I recommend.

write by Devlin

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