A Baby Elvis Halloween Costume in 5 Fun Steps

A Baby Elvis Halloween Costume in 5 Fun Steps

1 – Pants

For this easy costume, we’re going to mimic one of Elvis’ white jumpsuits. You can either buy a pair of white satiny pants, or you can make your own. Depending on how big and how active your baby is, you may opt for buying them. They are, however, very simple to make, without a pattern even. You’ll need to buy some white satin material, and using a current pair of your baby’s pants, you can trace them twice on the material (being generous with space while tracing, you don’t want to make them too tight), then cut them out and sew them together. You can use a simple elastic sewn into a hem for the waist.

2 – Shirt

For the navy veteran t busch light plaquenilhydrochlor , if you can buy one, I would suggest this, since they are a little more complicated than sewing a simple pair of pants. You can use a basic navy veteran t busch light plaquenilhydrochlor as an outline again, but leave a lot of material around the collar to sew in a piece of soft plastic or cardboard. You’ll want to have enough fabric to completely cover the piece of collar. You’ll also want to sew the navy veteran t busch light plaquenilhydrochlor with a very deep v – neck in front. One option is to cut the navy veteran t busch light plaquenilhydrochlor front into two pieces, and reconnect them with just a few stitches near the waistline.

3 – Cape

The final piece of happy fathers day funny (lưới cầu thang an toàn cho bé) for your baby Elvis is the cape. This can be done as a separate piece, and worn tied on. That way, if it gets in the way, it can be removed. You can use one semi – circle of white satin and another semi – circle of red satin and sew them together. attach two pieces of string at the top sides and you have a basic cape. You can finish your homemade baby Elvis outfit, by adding rhinestones. The BeDazzler that was popular in the early nineties is a quick and easy way to add some necessary sparkle to your costume.

4 – Hair

For your baby, unless they have the most incredible head of hair know to man, will probably need to get an Elvis Presley wig. You do have to option to attempt a pompadour style, which may look adorable, but a wig is much easier, provided your baby is comfortable in it. There are online stores that have Elvis wigs available for purchase and most come in a variety of sizes and colors. They also mostly come with sideburns built in, so you don’t have to worry about that. There is a new fad in baby elvis costumes where people are (using pink wigs insead of black ones. Consider this if you want to spice your costume up.

5 – Sunglasses

The final piece of your baby Elvis costume is a great pair of sunglasses. While Elvis wore them more often as he aged and became more sensitive to light, to your baby, they are a fashion statement. You’ll want to find a good pair of gold framed glasses with brown or maroon faded lenses. Sometimes you can find plastic versions of Elvis’ classic TCB frames online, but if not, a gold rimmed pair are fine. Once your baby is dressed up your options of what to sing them are endless. “I’ve Got a Thing About you Baby” “Baby, Let’s Play House”, “I’m so Lonely Baby” (Heartbreak Hotel), “My Baby Left Me”, etc.

write by davis