A Handy Travel Guide to the City of Naples in Italy

A Handy Travel Guide to the City of Naples in Italy

A Handy Travel Guide to the City of Naples in Italyblack t shirt

Naples is considered to be the home of Italian pizza and is also famous for being the site of Mount Vesuvius. It was originally founded by the Greeks as Neapolis, or the ‘New City’ and is located in the Campania region. Naples is a culturally unique part of Italy and the locals speak a mixture of Italian and their own language – Napulitano.

The largest city in Southern Italy, Naples is also one of the country’s cultural centres and has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Nowhere is this rich tapestry of history more evident than in the Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte which is full of Baroque and Renaissance masterworks by prominent Italian artists. Consider this a ‘must see’ if you are visiting and consider using car hire Naples to get there.

The city is also full of gorgeous castles. Among these are the huge medieval Castelnuovo Maschio Angionin which is home to a museum of fine art and the Castel dell’Ovo at Porto Santa Lucia which is home to the Museum of Prehistory. Wherever you travel in Naples you will find spectacular churches, wonderful collections of art and historically fascinating buildings.

Gourmands who go to Naples will not be disappointed. You must try the basic margherita pizza; you won’t find one this good anywhere else in the world. Look for the “Vera Pizza Napoletana” sticker, a sign of excellence conferred on the best pizzerias. The Trianon a Forcella Pizzeria is particularly good.

There are many special pasta sauces made in Naples such as arrabbiata, while the mozzarella here is fresh and unforgettable. As Naples looks out over the Bay of Naples there is of course incredible seafood to try and you can get a good bottle of Italian wine to go with your meal.

Serving the city of Naples in Italy, Naples International Airport is known locally as Ugo Niutta. It is also called Naples Capodichino airport, referring to the district of the city in which the airport is to be found. This two terminal airport is quite busy and deals with more than five and a half million passengers every year.

From Naples international airport it is possible to fly to Dublin in Ireland with Aer Lingus, Paris Charles De Gaulle with air France and London Gatwick with British Airways to name but a few of the popular routes. Having a car at Naples Capodichino international airport is a good idea as a number of illegal, unauthorized taxis operate outside of the terminal and if you take one of these you are more than likely to get ripped off.

Car Hire Naples Capodichino airport can take you to Italy’s capital Rome along the A1 highway. As Rome is another of the world’s great cultural epicentres, the journey is well worth doing. However driving in Naples generally is not for the feint hearted and the rule is – there are no rules! Parking can also be difficult in the centre.

Bear in mind that accommodation can be very variable in Naples, with plenty of places having poor quality bed linen and suffering from power outages among other inconveniences.

Get an up to date guide book and for the latest information on which places work out to be good value for money. Some recommended hotels are the Hotel Ideal in Piazza Garibaldi 99, the Bed and Breakfast La Rosa e il Peperoncino in Via Michelangelo Schipa and the Bed and Breakfast Napoli La Bouganville in Via Alessandro Manzoni. It is usually cheaper to stay in Naples than other Italian cities.

Naples has a reputation as being a mafia city and there are some parts which you would do well to stay away from, such as any dark alleys in the Spanish quarter. An area which is home to some of the best pizzerias, Forcella, is also not so safe. That said, if you take the proper precautions of not wearing expensive watches or jewellery you should be fine.

Also, do not wear football shirts from rival teams such as Juventus and the Milan clubs. Naples has a proud footballing tradition and one of its most successful eras was when Diego Maradona won titles with the club.

If you wish to get out of Naples and drive to an area of natural beauty it is a 40 minute journey to Caserta which is a large royal palace built in the 18th century which is resplendent with all sorts of lakes, forest, rivers and incredible views surrounding it. Taking a trip out to the site of Pompeii is also very rewarding.

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