A Look at the Latest Trends in Men’s and Women’s Designer Jeans

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In the world of men and women’s designer jeans, the one thing you won’t see are the plain jeans reminiscent of the ones your parents wore. Today’s trends focus on the art and details of design providing wearers with the true ability to express themselves. Whether it is the newest threads for women or the hottest in men’s designer jeans it is all about looking and feeling sexy.

Plentiful Pockets

Denim wearers are opting for pockets and are wearing them loud and proud. Women’s designer jeans are boasting colorful collections of crystals, colored pewter, and bold embroidery in chic shapes. The more decorative the pockets the hotter they are. The same fad is noticed in men’s denim.

Celebs such as Jimmy Rollins and Busta Rhymes are donning embroidered patterns embellished with black crystals. Leather accents added onto pockets give them added emphasis. These patterns and accents are even being carried beyond the pockets and onto the legs and inseams. Large, decorative flaps complete the look.

“Slim is In’

Instead of hiding their curves under big baggy jeans, trendy denim wearers are selecting a pair that shows them off perfectly. The bootleg cuts and slim straightlegs in women’s designer jeans are making wearer look slim, long-legged and just plain sexy regardless of the size of their curves.

The same craze has taken over the realm of men’s designer jeans. Although not as skinny as women’s styles, men are tossing out wide legs in favor of comfortable and trendy straight leg versions. If you want to see these styles in action, just check out the threads that celebrities like Snoop Dog and Jennifer Lopez are wearing these days.

Wicked Stitches

The days of matching, invisible stitching are quickly fading away. Women’s and men’s jeans are sporting funky embroidered patterns on the pockets, across the legs, and even across the backside. Seams, hems, and even waistbands have also adopted bold stitching to emphasize the shape of the denim and heighten the slimming and lengthening effect of the pants.

Hi and Lo Waistbands

Unlike previous seasons when super low rise was positively ‘it,’ high waistlines are attempting to make a comeback. As to which trend is best, that is up to the wearer. Women’s jeans are moving a little higher, but not enough to cover your beloved belly button. The high waists of the past are appearing, however the generally belief is that they remain in fashion history. Men’s denim is following the same trend; higher, but not too high.

Male, female, large, or small, the latest trends in men and women’s designer jeans were made to flatter. When shopping for the latest style, opt for big, bold pockets adorning slim-cut jeans to show off your vivacious curves. Bold stitching and stylish patterns add the finishing touches to men’s designer jeans as well as women’s denim. The hottest styles in denim will have you looking great, feeling great, and have you walking in comfort and confidence.

write by Finn

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