A Romance in Augsburg [Chapter #12: 'The Long Bath/The Party']

A Romance in Augsburg [Chapter #12: 'The Long Bath/The Party']

“Such a shame,” John told me, as he entered his apartment, and introduced me to his wife Jane.

“He is the one honey that wants to take a long bath. He’s one of the security police at the compound.” He said to his wife. She looked at me,

“What a strange request,” she commented.

“I have not taken a bath since I was drafted into the Army, ten-months ago, I’m sick of showers. I really miss it.”

“Incidentally, Chick,” asked John, “when is Tony, Shelly and Barb, coming?” It was 6:00 PM.

“They said they’d be over at 8:00 PM for the party, Chris is coming also,” John knew Chris, but not well. John worked in the mess hall, and was really one of Tony’s friends more than mine. He was a different John, not the same John at the Security Barracks I knew.

I put down a bottle of wine and a huge bottle of beer on the table, my contribution to the party, while Jane took me into the bathroom.

“Have fun,” she commented.

I got undressed and listened to the water filling the tub. I hesitated in the room wondering whatever reason did I suggest this for, like a wish come true, and when it happens, you seem, or I should say feel, dumb for asking for it. But I appreciated it. For a moment I tested the water with my toes to see if the water was just right, moving them a little, impetuous I was, then I jumped in, slowly allowing my body to slide down the back of the tub. In the Army you get showers and that is that, no more to say, like it or not. All my life I had baths. I really missed it. Now I was lying down comfortable in the water up to my neck.

An hour went by.

“Anyone in there,” called Jane…”…are you OK in there?”

“Do you have to use the bathroom?” I answered.

“No, not yet, just checking.”

I then leaned over to see what time it was, I had put my watch on the floor next to the tub and then leaned back for over thirty-minutes or so, I then heard a door open, it was Tony’s voice, and Shirley.

“Uppppppuu…” the party is starting early.

With that I jumped out of the tub, my hands looked white and wrinkly like an old mans, just like back home. I loved it. I felt a little disappointed that I had to stop the bath, but I had no time to deliberate, soon Chris would be here.

By the time I got out, and put my civilian cloths back on, a dark pair of pants, and auburn t- philadelphia phillies hawaiian busch light plaquenilhydrochlor , my black waist-level leather viking armor tính diện tích , combed my wavy hair, I was out among the others.

“I do so agree with you Chick,” said Jane, “you look happier now?” We both smiled as she went and opened the door for another guest. It was Barb, — Shelly’s girlfriend. And right behind her was Chris. Jane was pregnant three months, had been at the base for about thirty-days now, and Jane had just arrived a week ago. So it was kind of a get together. Everyone brought something to drink. And no sooner had everyone introduced himself or she, the booze started to flow down everyone’s throats.

Everyone liked Chris, even though she spoke with a marked reserve.

“Miss Shirley,” commented Tony her boyfriend, whom was hiding her in the backroom of the security barracks, was gone for six weeks to Rome and Greece, had comeback this way [Augsburg] to be with Tony for a week, then she was on her way back home to the states. She was really simply traveling around Europe with Barb, she was not really looking for an ongoing relationship, or so it seemed, it just happened to be she got involved like Chris with a GI and now she was back for a little more action, maybe we were all simply familiar with one another and that made her want to spend her last week with friends.

“Let’s hope we all get tipsy with all this booze. And how was Italy?”

Replied Shirley, “We didn’t see all of Italy, only Venice and Rome. But I liked Venice and all its waterways, and Rome, well, we went to the Spanish Steps, and sat around and talked to the hip kids, you know like us,” then she looked at Tony. Tony was a Buck Sergeant who had been to Vietnam as a helicopter assistant of some kind, and was serving six-months of his thirty-six month military commitment in Germany. Then he was going back to Arkansas to put his life together. He was a little resentful that Shirley would not stay in Europe with him but she wanted to go back to California and finish her law degree. I knew Tony felt that would be it for them if she did. Oh well, once I left it would be that way for me also.

Gently every one started to drink the beer, wine, and scotch. Chris brought some Jack Daniels whisky, John brought a case of beer of Miller High Life, Tony brought a big bottle of wine most all the GI’s got it at the Commissary or PX [military commercial stores on base].

“You’re not much use to anyone sober Chick, let’s see who can put a beer down quicker,” said Tony, he was only twenty-one years old, and often used to smoking pot instead of drinking but a high was a high for him. I guess I’m not much older.

“Ready Chick?”

“I’m ready.”

Doooooo wnn


Nnn it went. “Awww…who’s got it, who won,” asked Tony. But as he looked at me I already had my bottle sitting on the end table.

“I should have known better, no one could beat you Chick.” They all laughed.

It was now 10:30 PM, and Chris, myself and Tony were all laying back on the sofa, both of us guys had our hands around Chris’s shoulder, drunker then a skunk, slurring our words, while Jane watched from across the room laughing at everyone.

“We should try another beer contest Chick?” asked Tony.

“Nooooooooppp…” I replied, “I’m too drunk to try another one.”

“We should all take care,” said John.

“Take care of whatttt?” asked Tony, “Take care of this boozeeee that is all I want to take care of.”

Tony when drunk acted the drunk. “Nobody said you had to stop drinking,” said Shirley “but no more contests like Chick said, otherwise you’ll be too drunk to walk home.”

“Isn’t that the purpose…Miss lawyer to be,” she smiled at Tony, and the night went on.

Now Tony moved over to the other side of me, and I had my arms around both Chris and Tony; Tony was holding onto a glass of beer, he could hardly keep his eyes open.

Chris was dressed in a tight white dress, very lovely I thought, with real pearls, three roles of them; she was smiling, laughing, and her eyes were like they were pinned shut. I looked at Chris, “John,” I called, “take a picture of us,” he pulled out a camera from his viking armor tính diện tích , “Here,” ‘Snapppppppppp…!’

write by romeo santiago