A Whole New Mind – Moving From the Information Age to the Conceptual Age by Daniel H Pink

A Whole New Mind - Moving From the Information Age to the Conceptual Age by Daniel H Pink

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I really do not know how I came across this book but I got excited when I started reading it as I am very interested in brain science. I could not put the book down. The author explains the brain and the right side versus the left side and the activities of each. He had his brain scanned and gave lots of fascinating information about the process and brain function.

He says that Automation, Asia and Abundance are changing our times from the information age to the conceptual age. Automation allows computers to do that humans use to do and this has eliminated jobs. Outsourcing to Asian countries is also minimizing job opportunities State side. Abundance of resources gives us so many choices.

Daniel Pink, who attended law school but never practiced law, became a White House speechwriter. Now he analyzes commercial and social trends for dozens of tv and radio programs.

He said that they key to success in the future is having the ability to fuse right brain activity with left brain action. He says that we have to tap into the following six senses to produce a whole new mind in the conceptual age.

Design – When you go to target to buy a toilet bowl cleaner, what makes you chose the one you buy out of the fifty different ones on the shelf? Design of course. Workers are going to have to creatively design products that are easier to use and have high aesthetic value to continue to have job security. Abundance gives us these type of choices in almost any store in the country.

Story – The ability to fashion a compelling story so that the facts stay in the mind of the listener will become highly valued. He talked about attorneys needing this skill in the courtroom. Basically, in relaying information, if you say, the Queen died and the King died, you are reciting facts and there is nothing memorable about that. However, if you say that Queen died and the King died of heartache, you have turned such facts into a memorable story.

Symphony – The ability to merge data and facts and detect underlying trends and harmony. Synthesis, not analysis, combining the pieces into an arresting new whole will be a key quotient for the Conceptual Age worker.

Empathy – The ability to stand in another person’s shoes will distinguish those who thrive. The ability to create relationships successfully and express empathy in your work such as nursing will be highly valued.

Play – High value is placed on play in the conceptual age. He gives fascinating statistics about the gaming industry and its impact on play.

Meaning – Man’s pursuit for spirituality and the meaning of life will come to play in people’s work. As abundance increases, more and more people are free to engage in spiritual pursuits.

I personally found this book very liberating. I was struggling in my transition from attorney to life coach and I was busy wondering what others would think of my decision. I realized that I was concerned about all the left brainers that I knew, concerned that they would not understand my choice. Reading this book affirmed me that what I was thinking of as soft skills are actually strong aptitudes that I had developed and wanted to translate into my coaching practice.

The book gave me tools to use as a coach and heightened my pride in my career choice.

Great Book!

write by carlos mejia

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