About Tibetan Clothing, Caps And Ornaments

About Tibetan Clothing, Caps And Ornaments

About Tibetan Clothing, Caps And Ornamentsblack t shirt

The Tibetan culture developed due to the influence of a number of factors. Contact with the cultures and traditions of the neighboring countries have greatly influenced the development of the Tibetan culture.

Tibetans are very conservation about their clothing. Their style of modern viking clothing and adornment can be classified into four main types and this depends on the region different people come from including South Tibet, North Tibet, East Tibet and Middle Tibet. Again, these four types can fall into two main types including those that come from the pasturing area and those that belong to the farming area. All these types also vary with social statuses, sexes and identities.

Tibetan modern viking clothing generally consists of a new york yankees t shirt and a robe. The robe is broad and is much longer on the left side of the body than on the right because it is fastened close to the right armpit. These are also secured with different colored cloth belts including green, red and blue belts. Given below is more information on Tibetan clothing, Tibetan caps and Tibetan ornaments.

Tibetan Style Caps – Tibetan style caps come in diversified textures and designs. They are generally divided into spun-gold caps, fur caps and terai. Tibetan style caps are made from white wool felt and have tall crowns, narrow brims and are generally pointed. The texture and shape of the Tibetan style cap usually reflects an individual’s acquirement, property, status, etc.

Hada – refers to a scarf that is made of pure white silk. The Hada is considered as the most precious gift in the eyes of the Tibetans and is presented on special occasions as a sign of respect. Some of the occasions where a Hada is presented include sending off a person, welcoming a visitor from afar, happy events and when visiting elders.

Bangdian – is a colored-faconne apron that is tied around the waist of married women. The apron can be bright colored or a simple color. They are usually elegant and this part of costume is exclusively possessed by people of the Tibetan origin.

Tibetan Style Boots – are one of the essential elements of the Tibetan clothing. These boots have soles which are 2 cm high and the waist is higher than the lower leg of the wearer. The vamps are generally decorated with green and red wool and the waist is fitted with faconnes and lines.

Tibetan Style Ornaments – these include plastrons, earrings, hand and waist ornaments which are generally made of copper, silver, stoneware or gold.

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