Adio Shoes – An Extreme Sports Fanatic’s Dream

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Adio Shoes are skaters’ dream footwear. Adio footwear are made by Adio Footwear, an American business created by retired pro skateboarder Chris Miller in 98. These signature shoes and sneakers are designed for men and females who are skateboard enthusiasts and by those who really know skateboarding. Adio is specialized in skater shoes so you realize you really get the quality that a skateboarder demands to perform very well on the ramp or on the street. Adio mens shoes and Adio womens shoes are built to skate, 100% sure.

Adio (pronounced as “Audio”) are actually made of high quality materials which are long lasting to endure the most challenging skateboarding stunts. Their shoe lines include skate shoes, sandals as well as designer skate shoes for males and females. They also manufacture skateboarding shoes for youngsters. Top skate pros and authorities like Ed Selego, Joey Brezinski, Jordan Hoffart, Chris Troy, Ernie Torres, Anthony Schultz, Moose, Nick Tucker, Jeremy Wray, Shaun White, Tony Hawk and Bam Margera have all made shoes for Adio. They are all real folks who truly live and breathe skateboarding.

This footwear brand come in lace-up as well as slip-on with a broad range of designs and colors to pick from. Professional model skateboarding shoes are also offered. Select from a collection of shoes and sneakers named, developed, and endorsed by the who’s who inside the skateboarding arena like the brand’s Torres V1 and V2 lace-up sneakers created by professional skater Ernie Torres. This brand name shoes and sneakers for kids are likewise extremely popular, because really budget friendly. Created with safety characteristics in mind, shoes and sneakers for kids are made with grippy rubber outer soles. Their skate shoes are available in different sizes varying from youngsters to adults, for both males and women.

Adio uses materials such as ethylene vinyl fabric acetate (EVA) and also rubber cup soles for a lightweight and comfortable skate shoes. Vulcanized soles for great durability. Branded shoes and sneakers from this label use canvas, custom-made leather, suede as well as rubber for styling. Though shoesfocuses on the techie superiority and security they don’t forget the need of styling. Colors and patterns are combined to produce an attractive looking skate shoes. Functionality and design are essentials for this signature shoes.

Footwear like Torres, Vengeance, Dean, Crane, Radley, Riviera, Copley, Standard Mid, Version, Snap, Hamilton and Oath are existing and updated versions of their latest designs. These shoes capture the essence of a skater way of life: fascinating, thrilling and exhilarating. Experience that lifestyle with Adio. Make certain you take a look at the Kenny shoes series, they’re awesome!

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