Alex Rodriguez? Say it Ain’t So

Alex Rodriguez? Say it Ain't So

Alex Rodriguez? Say it Ain't So

Did Alex Rodriguez use steroids? If anyone has been tuning into the news lately, they know the answer to this question…yes, from 2001-2003. “A-Roid” has been the new fad nickname recently linking him to this HOT baseball debate.

Did A-Rod NOT know what his cousin was injecting into his body repeatedly over a three year period? You don’t travel to the Dominican Republic to get some over-the-counter “drug” you were told will give you more energy when normally you wouldn’t touch a Snickers chocolate bar with a 10-foot pole otherwise.

Today we’re going to reveal the real motives behind all this SUPER-human supplement use from someone who’s been in the heat of the trenches…myself.

The controversy surrounding steroid abuse in sports has gotten out of control, and you know the answer to 99 out of 100 questions, right? MONEY.

Alex Rodriguez and all the other unfortunate high performance athletes who got caught aren’t sorry for what they did, they’re sorry because someone saw them with their unlawful hand in the cookie jar. We’ve all heard the saying, “It ain’t cheatin’ if you don’t get caught!”

Also, A-Rod has said with the stress of such Ginormous contracts, he felt like he couldn’t live up to the pressure as only a Clark Kent. Waving millions of dollars into the face of a 20 year old can be very intimidating, and as you’ll see, the players are only the pawns, the hot sweaty blame-light should be cast up higher on the corporate ladder.

We aren’t going to address the ill effects steroids and HGH play on the body today, we can find that on the back of a milk carton, but here’s the tale of the tape for the player,

Unfortunately for Alex Rodriquez, now as the NEW poster child for being a banned substance user, it all comes down to this:

  • Steroids are illegal, otherwise restricted in use,
  • They’re proven to enhance your performance well beyond what we can do with natural means, therefore
  • It’s cheating, plain and simple.

If one player illegally risks steroid use to perform, and a competitor doesn’t, then that creates an unfair game. If you challenged me to a race in bouncing moon shoes, and you show up in track spikes, then that’s not fair. I’ll still beat you though;-) puts the word “cheat” like this:

“To violate rules or regulations.”

But Androsteindione wasn’t against the rules when Mark McGwire got caught? It wasn’t only Andro McGwire was taking, he just got arrested by the media with it…he was stacking other supplements in addition to, which btw was steroids, and last time I checked were illegal.

The real problem with players like Alex Rodriguez?

MONEY being in the hands of young & dumb millionaires looking for quick fixes. Playing 162 games a season is arguably the hardest thing to do in any sport, with 6 months to play, 7 if you’re lucky, and each game averaging almost 3 hours a pop. The player needs something to help in recovery…steroids do just that.

Now, in response to corporates Teflon, “don’t point the finger at me,” lip,

Do you really think Bud Selig, franchise owners, general managers, and field managers did NOT know what was going on? Come on…professional baseball is a business, they’re in it to win it, they swap players like we do baseball cards…and after the black eye baseball received from the 1994 baseball strike, the sport needed a face-lift, or should I say peck deck with syringe included.

The front office may not have directly stuck players like Alex Rodriguez with needles, God knows they wouldn’t have done that (sarcastic tone), but they sure didn’t ask questions when company revenues jumped through the roof before and after the Mark Mcgwire and Sammy Sosa’s season long home run derby in 1998.

If you owned a business and your pockets began to swell with money almost suddenly, wouldn’t you want to know what was going on, and what you were doing right? The answer is, they knew. They lie like most politicians, and don’t worry those scaly skinned Gents were probably in on it too.

Back to the naive modern day gladiators, like Alex Rodriguez, getting thrown under the bus. Now, Congress is getting involved which is foreign to me, why would they care? Remember the answer to 99 out of 100 questions? MONEY. Whether it’s to distract the people and media from their own circus, we’ll never know.

The reality is…

Unfortunately, there are quite a few fans who’ve suffered through this down economy, meaning they won’t be renewing their season tickets, translating into down ticket sales, and therefore making it harder for franchises to pay their employees (the gladiators), so it’ll be interesting in the next few years because the rooster is coming home to roost!

Or is it the Philly Fanatic?

Where do I stand in all this Alex Rodriguez steroid jazz?

I played four years of college ball, never used steroids, but played with guys who did…the closest I came to performance enhancers was using Creatine, and for about a week, thought about using Mark McGwire’s Achilles Heel, Androsteindione (otherwise known as a steroid pre-cursor). I could never bring myself to do it, but for a short time there, I gave serious thought to,

The potential for hundreds of thousands of dollars I could make with a pro contract as it would help me to develop huge amounts of lean muscle mass, hit the ball farther, run faster, and recover from intense workouts at breakneck speeds! All things scouts froth at the mouth for.

All we need is love…

The players need to come out, take responsibility, before their name hits the fan, unlike the forced apology of Alex Rodriguez. Come clean and the people will forgive, be stubborn like Barry Bonds (who would’ve been a Hall of Famer without performance enhancers BTW) and you’ll end up like Pete Rose, who’ll take his denial to the grave and the doors will be closed forever.

The business of steroids, or other derivatives, will continue as companies keep coming out with stealthy supplements undetectable to the naked laboratory petri dish eye.

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write by Geoffrey

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