Alice in Wonderland Outfits – Stun The Costume Party Being Dressed As Alice

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The Alice in Wonderland of your youth might still be etched in your memory and with the release of Tim Burton’s 3D version. A lot of people have fallen in love all over again with the adorable Alice and the rest of the characters. As a result of this new-found interest, Alice in Wonderland outfits became very much in demand.

Alice costumes had to grow too, as Alice, in the 3D version is all grown up, already 19 years old. She is no longer the little naïve girl who wore a blue dress with all the trimmings that little girls love. She is aware now that she has to fix a broken world, a world that she was thrown into in a dream as a child.

Because of this sense of purpose dawning on her, a lot of teenage girls, even older women don amazing outfits to parties and avant-garde events. This particular Alice costume is available in different designs and Alice in Wonderland outfits for adults are popular among women of all ages. Adults can either pick out a sexy Alice outfit or a demure version. Also available are Alice in Wonderland outfits for kids that your little girl will surely love.

Gone are the days when Alice walks around in a classic blue and white Victorian dress that became the standard Alice dress for many generations.

The costumes for adults is a sky blue dress. It has standard length ruffled sleeves and a mid-cut collar line adorned by white ruffles. The upper edge of the white ruffles is embellished with black jewels. On the front of the dress are black buttons that stretch down to the waist. This nice dress is accentuated with black line details along the bodice. This Alice dress has a flared skirt with black ribbons along the waist and black embroidery patterns at the bottom. The outfit also includes a petticoat, a pair of gloves and blue and black striped knee highs. The shoes are not included but you can pair it off with a pair of black heels. You an also purchase a wig to complete the look.

Wow your friends and officemates with these sexy Alice in Wonderland outfits. As Alice is already a full-grown woman in the Tim Burton movie version, the Alice outfit had to be updated as well and there is nothing but beautiful attributes to this new dress.

write by gene schuler

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