All About Shoes: The Types of Shoes That Give Us Comfort All Throughout The Day

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Your feet deserve to be treated well. They get you where you need to go, hold you up when you would otherwise fall, and give you a lift when you are down. We have many choices when it comes to protecting our feet, and we should take advantage of this variety by finding the perfect shoe for our needs.

Shoes in general can be described as pieces of footwear that have the primary purposes of protection, and providing comfort during various activities. The type of shoe that will most benefit its wearer is largely determined by the age, sex, and social routine of that person.

Kid’s shoes are known for bright color displays and custom prints featuring fictional characters and other kid-friendly symbols. The ideal everyday shoe for a child will have a little bit of extra room for growth (to maximize the time between new shoe purchases) and should be built to withstand the tornado of activity that is a child’s life.

The need to consider casual vs. formal wear is not usually a large concern with children’s shoe purchases. Kids spend most of their time being physically active (although this statement may be losing validity as the electronic age continues), so a miniature set of dress shoes would likely be wasted before a certain age. Of course, it’s completely fine to buy a pair for special occasions.

When it comes to adults, however, the divide between casual and formal footwear is an important concept in everyday life. Office wars have almost been waged over the right to wear informal foot attire on Fridays. Sneakers are largely considered to be in the casual category for both sexes. Professional encounters and classy situations are dress shoe territory for men, while women are expected to don a set of suitable high heels or flats (though they may get away with dress shoes from time to time).

Another type of footwear is the athletic shoe, which is specially designed to aid an athlete in achieving their full potential. Athletic shoes may be engineered with a specific sporting activity in mind (basketball, climbing, running), but many are built to be versatile across several arenas of play.

Orthopedic shoes assist in basic walking, ballet shoes allow dancers to float across the stage, and work shoes help to keep us safe from injury. Shoes satisfy a variety of needs and can be designed to accommodate any number of situations. It’s not surprising that collectors are spending thousands of dollars to own their dream piece of footwear.

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