All About Squash and the Equipment Used for Playing Squash

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Squash is a sport which is quite similar to tennis in a lot of ways. The equipment used to play the game resembles tennis in many ways. Racquets and hollow balls are two main playing equipment needed to play Squash. Unlike tennis, squash is played indoor within four walls. Both the players would be standing on the same side and trying to hit the ball onto the wall opposite them. it has its own set of rules. Good quality sporting equipment is a must to play the game safe and enjoy.

Racquets are the most vital playing equipment in squash. A typical squash racquet is made of carbon and aluminium. The racquet handle is quite short. The racquet’s main surface is interwoven with strings. Normal weights of quality squash rackets are 120g and 200g. It is usually easier to control smaller racquets. If you see the racquets used by the professional players of the game, you will find that they always prefer short and light racquets for better control. There are people who use heavy ones as well for powerful hitting but they lack control. The tensile strength of the racquet string is a very important factor to consider while looking out to buy squash rackets. The tensile strength depends on the material using which the racket is made. Seasoned squash players often prefer carbon racquets while amateur players choose aluminium ones.

Choosing squash balls is another vital aspect of your squash equipment purchasing endeavour which depends upon the level of your game. Yellow dot balls, white or green dot balls, red dot balls and blue dot balls are the different types of balls used in squash. White, green and blue dot balls are used by amateur players while professional players use yellow balls. Red dot balls are generally used by coaches.

write by Mackenzie St Germain

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