Angel tree decoration – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: floral, 15cm x 20cm; patterned, 10cm x 25cmFelt, flesh tone, 10cm x 16cmRibbon, 1cm wide, 25cmLace, 10cmButtons, twoBellRing, metalToy stuffingRicePen, air-erasableThread, embroidery: red; grey

Angel tree decoration

Download the template above (templates on Page 31). Using an air-erasable pen, draw around the head template directly onto flesh-coloured felt and cut it out roughly. Pin this shape to more felt and stitch around the outline, leaving the bottom edge open. Trim the fabric to 3mm all round. Make up the two wings in the same way, using the wing template. Turn out all pieces. Stuff the head lightly, and embroider the eyes and mouth. Colour in the cheeks with a red pencil.

Trim 15cm x 20cm of fabric for the dress and stitch a 25cm length of ribbon to one long edge, 3cm up from the bottom. Press back a 2cm turning along the top edge. Cut the feet from dark felt and pin them to the centre bottom, facing inwards. Machine stitch the side edges, then refold so that the seam lines up with the feet and sew along the bottom edge.

Turn right side out and half fill with rice. Gather the top edge, slip the neck into the gap and sew in place. Stitch 10cm of lace to cover the join. Press the wings and make two pleats at the bottom edges, matching points A to B, then sew them to the back. Cut yarn into 50, 20cm lengths and knot securely in the centre. Sew the knot to the top of the head and stitch into two bunches. Add more loops of yarn to cover the back of the head if desired. Embellish with ribbon and buttons. Sew a bell to the front of the dress and a ring to the top of the head.