Applique Cupcake Wall Hanging – Free sewing patterns


Felt sheet, 22cm square, whitePolycotton print, 25cm square, pale colour, two piecesFelt scraps, pastel coloursEmbroidery threadSequinsRibbon, 5mm wide picot edged, 50cm cream and 1m yellowPainted wooden doweling, 24cm long, two piecesDouble sided tapeFusible hemming tape

Dimensions List

Finished wall hanging; 24cm square

Quick-Stitch Wall-Hanging

Create the background. Press one piece of patterned polycotton and fuse hemming tape around all four wrong sides. Lay the square of felt in the centre and fold the edges of the material over. Iron in place onto the felt, mitring the corners.

Locate the template in the Sew-Pull Out Workbook. Cut four large cupcake shapes from different colours of felt scraps and four small cake case shapes from pale pink felt. Trim the tops of the cake cases with pinking shears and sew a short length of yellow picot edged ribbon 5mm down from the top edge using running stitch and folding the raw ends under the sides.

Embroider and embellish the motif. Use two stands of embroidery thread to work lines of chain stitch to create a scalloped design on the top part of each cupcake shape. Use a single strand of embroidery thread to sew different coloured sequins to the tops of the cupcakes. Ensure that each stitch runs vertically from the top of the sequin to the centre hole.

Place the design. Pair up the cases with the cupcakes and pin each one onto the padded fabric square so they are equally spaced from the edges. Stitch through all layers with running stitch to secure them to the background.

Complete the background. Press the second piece of polycotton and fold over the edges to create a square the same size as the padded piece. Cut the remaining yellow ribbon into eight equal lengths. Pin the two pieces of fabric together, adding in four loops of ribbon to the top and bottom of the hanging. Sew all the way round the square with running stitch.

Finish the wall- hanging. Thread the two pieces of doweling through the loops at the top and bottom of the wall-hanging. Use a small piece of double sided tape to hold the end loops in place and prevent the rod slipping out. Create a long hanging loop using the cream ribbon and secure it to the top dowel by rolling it around the wood and fixing with more double sided tape.