Art Gallery Fabric Dress-shaped Peg and Laundry Bag – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: Art Gallery Fabrics, Color Me Retro range, Florette Ruby, 1m, Kitchenette Raspberry, 50cm; Carnaby Street range, Psychedelia Gold, fat quarter; Girl About Town Lime, fat quarter; mint green, fat quarter; lemon; 18cm x 53cmThread, sewing: coordinating; blackInterfacing, iron-on, lightweightCord, rope, 1mClothes hangerButtons, three

Dimensions List

Laundry bag: 50cm x 71cmPeg bag: 33cm x 35cm

Stitch a laundry bag

Cut 53cm x 88cm of patterned pink material, then 5cm x 53cm of coordinating fabric. Stitch together, with a 1cm seam allowance, and press open.

Trim 18cm x 53cm of plain lemon fabric and back with lightweight interfacing. Cut out six motifs from the patterned fabric, back with interfacing, arrange as pictured 3cm from the side edge, and sew in place. Stitch wording across the middle and press on the reverse.

Stitch the decorated lemon fabric to the last piece you joined, then press the seam. Cut another strip of coordinating fabric 8cm x 53cm and stitch it to the lemon piece. Cut 40cm x 53cm of patterned pink fabric and join it to the last piece, then press the seam open.

Cut six 8cm x 18.5cm pieces of coordinating fabric for the loops. Press a 5mm seam around each one, then fold in half and stitch around it. Place them 7.5cm apart and 12cm from the top; three at the front and three at the back.

Create a 1.5cm hem at each end of the material, then fold the fabric length in half, right sides together, and stitch down the edges. Turn right side out and thread rope cord through the loops. Make another belt loop but this time, fold it in half again and stitch two lines then thread each rope through an outer tube. Trap the raw ends of the cord in a square of pink patterned fabric.

Create a peg bag

Download the templates. Cut one back piece in patterned mustard fabric and set aside. Cut one bottom front piece in mint fabric, then cut a coordinating piece of mustard fabric, which has three flowers on it, and stitch it to the bottom of the mint fabric. Add extra detail with bright pink stitching, then iron on the reverse.

Cut a top front piece in mint fabric and add a collar in patterned mustard fabric. Stitch it down using pink thread, again adding extra detailing, and iron on the reverse. Pin both mint front pieces together, leaving a 2cm seam. Stitch 5.5cm from either side towards the middle. Press the seam open on the reverse, fold the raw edges over twice to hem and stitch down across the width of the bag. Press with an iron.

Pin the front section to the back, right sides together, allowing for a 1cm seam and stitch all the way around the bag. Leave a 1cm gap at the top-middle for a clothes hanger, press, then insert the hanger. Add three decorative buttons down the front of the bag.