Art Gallery Fabric Patchwork Fruit – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, scrapsStuffingThread, embroidery, brownNeedle, knitting

Stitch an apple

Download the templates for this project. Use the apple template to draw six shapes on the back of your chosen fabrics. Cut them out with a 5mm seam allowance, then stitch the pieces right sides together leaving a gap in the centre of one seam for turning.

Turn right side out and firmly stuff with fibre filling, shaping the fruit as you go. Fold in the raw edges of the gap and oversew closed. Use brown embroidery thread to stitch a calyx at the base of the fruit, closing up and covering any hole left where the six seams join.

Cut two triangles from green fabric and stitch right sides together on the two long edges. Turn out and machine or hand stitch a vein pattern. Fold in the open corners of the top edge and gather with running stitch. Make a stem from a rolled and oversewn rectangle of fabric.

Use a knitting needle to poke the gathered end of the leaf and one end of the stem through the hole at the top of the fruit where the seams meet. Secure with a few stitches, arranging the leaf and stitching down lightly if necessary.

Make a pear

Create the pear in the same way as the apple, except when stuffing, fill the base of the fruit first and then indent it by sewing through the fabric. Fill it several times, pulling the thread tight before fastening. Continue to fill the remainder of the shape.