Art Gallery Fabric Pinwheel Quilt – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, cotton: Art GalleryFabrics, Urban Mod range,Stenciled Retro Silver;Corcheterie Street Olivine;Pointelle Celeste;Cosmopolitan Currant; Nature Elements range,Blue Green, 65cm; striped, 65cm of each; plain, backing, 1.3m squareTemplate, Pinwheel Magic, Sew Easy, 4?Wadding, 1.3m squareRotary cutter (optional)

Dimensions List

1.25m squared

Make pinwheel quilt

Cut four 15.2cm (6”) squares from one fabric and five from another. Sew them together in a three by three block with a 5mm seam allowance, alternating the patterns. Next, cut a 7.6cm (3”) strip from a third fabric. Use this to outline the block, sewing lengths to the top and bottom then each side. The finished panel should measure around 57cm (22 1/2 ”). Press all seams to one side.

Lay the panel face up on a flat surface and place the centre of a 4 1/2 ”pinwheel template on the inner corner of the border where it joins the first square in the panel. Rotate the template so that the lines marked ‘B’ lay along the seams. Draw and hand cut, or use a rotary cutter to trim around the template producing a smaller square.

Place the square to one side and move the template along to the next intersection of seams and repeat. Continue cutting the panel down in this way, placing the smaller squares to one side in the same order they appeared in the original panel.

Straighten up the cut squares to reveal the pinwheel pattern that has been achieved. Pin and stitch the squares together to make a new panel measuring around 41cm (16”) square. Make eight more panels in the same way as this, four using the same fabrics as the first and the remaining four using the other designs.

Press all the panels and lay out in a three by three block, alternating the designs. Sew together and press before layering, right side facing up, over plain backing cotton and lightweight quilt wadding. Pin at regular intervals.

Using a sewing machine, quilt along the seams from the centre and work out in all directions to reduce the risk of the backing fabric rucking up on the underside. When quilted, trim the excess wadding and backing fabric to the edges of the quilt top.

Cut several 3cm (11/4”) strips of leftover fabric to bind the quilt. Work on the back and place the strips right side down along the edges. Stitch to the quilt with a 5mm seam allowance. Fold the strips over to the front, turn under 5mm on the raw edge and topstitch neatly to the front of the quilt.