Art Gallery Fabric Quilted Bed Runner – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, Art Gallery Fabrics: Naturella range, Garden Aquarella, Night Glowing Daisies, 1m of each; Luxe in Bloom range, Cascade Coral, 1m; cotton, white, 70cm x 2m Wadding, lightweight, 70cm x 2m

Cutting Guide

Floral fabric: 16cm squares, cut 12Daisy fabric: 12cm squares,cut 24, cut in half diagonally to make 48 trianglesCascade fabric: 15.5cm squares, cut 24, cut in half diagonally to make 48 triangles.

Dimensions List

69cm x 192cm

Stitch a bed runner

Make up a block by stitching the long edges of two daisy triangles on either side of a square, right sides together with a 5mm seam allowance. Press the triangles open. Pin and stitch two more daisy triangles to the remaining sides of the square, noting that the edges will seem to overlap the previous shapes. This overlap will be obscured by the next set of triangles provided you keep to a 5mm seam allowance.

Repeat step 1, attaching four cascade triangles to the daisy and floral square. Press the whole pieced panel, this should measure 30cm square. Make eleven more panels in the same way. Cut several 3cm wide strips of floral fabric and use 30cm long pieces of these as sashing to join the panels together into six pairs. Join the pairs to make the bed runner panel with 62cm long strips of sashing between each pair.

Add a border of 3cm wide floral strips around the whole runner. Cut several 6cm wide strips of daisy fabric and join end to end to make a very long piece, roughly two and a half times longer than the border of the quilt. Fold in half right sides out and press.

Tack the raw edges of the folded strip to the outer edge of the border, right sides together, ruffling the folded strip as you go along. Do this by gently pulling the thread to create gathers. Add extra ruffles at the corners to ensure they sit neatly when turned over and add extra fabric at the strip if required.

Machine stitch over the tacking to secure the ruffles then press the whole runner top. Lay plain cotton right side down, place wadding over this and position the runner right side up on the top. Pin the three layers together, starting from the centre and working out.

Top stitch the layers together in line with the inner edge of the border sashing. Trim the wadding and backing fabric in line with the edge of the ruffle before turning in a 2cm hem and slip stitching to the back of the runner, covering all the raw edges. Secure the layers together over the surface of the runner by knotting embroidery thread through the fabric at the four corners of each floral square.