Art Gallery Fabrics Quilt – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, Art Gallery Fabrics: Fuchsia Mademoiselle, Green Mademoiselle, Berry Coquette, Orchid Blooms, Chocolate Cherry, Chartreuse, one fat quarter of each; cotton, pink, two fat quarters, green, one fat quarter; backing fabric, 90cm x 1.15mWadding, medium-weight, 90cm x 1.15mThread, coordinatingRotary cutterPatchwork ruler

Dimensions List

90cm x 1.15m

Compose a quilt

Press each of the fat quarters of fabric, aside from one of plain pink cotton. Fold the pressed pieces in half, twice in the same direction. Working on a cutting mat, use a patchwork ruler and rotary cutter to slice the fabrics – excluding the unpressed pink cotton – into 7cm wide strips.

Stack the strips, excluding those of plain pink cotton and one print design. Arrange the remaining pieces into a pleasing order. Cut two 7cm squares from strips of the first and second designs. Stitch the two pieces together along one edge with a 5mm seam allowance. Fingerpress the two pieces.

Lay a strip of the third patterned fabric over the resulting rectangle with right sides together, ensuring they line up along the top. Stitch down the long right-hand edge, trim the strips to the same length at the bottom and open out into a square, finger pressing along the seam.

Take a strip of the fourth fabric design and place this across the top of the square, lining up the left side. Sew along the top edge, trim any excess from the right side, open out and finger press. Lay the fifth pattern over the right-hand side of the work, with right sides facing, lining up the top. Stitch along the left edge, trim the bottom, open out and finger press.

Place the sixth patterned strip along the bottom, sew and trim as before. Select the first design of fabric used to complete the seventh edge. Use the plain pink pieces set aside earlier to form the eighth section and the remaining print for the ninth. Note, the eighth and ninth sections will be the same two fabrics on each block.

Begin the next panel by selecting the second and third fabrics from the first block to begin with, and working in the same order as before, relegating the first pattern to sixth position. Ensure that the seventh piece is the same fabric as the one that will form the centre of the panel. Rotate the order of fabrics in this way to ensure an equal amount of each fabric is used.

Make 12 panels following steps 2-6. Press and lay them onto a flat surface so that the eighth and ninth sections sit in the same direction. Pin and stitch the panels together and press again.

Lay out a 90cm x 1.15m piece of backing fabric with right sides facing down and the same amount of wadding on top. Place the quilt top centrally over the wadding and pin the layers together, starting from the centre and working out. Quilt down and across the joins of each panel by hand or with a machine. Remove the pins and trim the wadding and backing fabric to the same dimensions as the quilt top.

Tack around the edges, 5mm in from the raw edge. Take the remaining fat quarter of plain pink cotton and cut several 6cm wide strips with the rotary cutter and ruler. Join end to end to make a continuous strip.

Fold one long edge of the strip under by 1cm and top stitch to the front of the quilt, 1.5cm in from one edge, and trim the strip in line with the edge’s width. Turn the other raw edge under and fold it over the edge of the quilt and slipstitch it to the backing. Bind the opposite edge of the quilt in the same way. For the remaining edges, fold each end by 1cm to cover the end of the previous binding strip and neaten the corners.