Art Gallery Fabrics Tablet Case – Free sewing patterns


Card, A4 Fabric: Art Gallery Fabrics, Dreaming in French range; plain cotton, pink Fusible wadding

Dimensions List

20.5cm x 26cm

Make a tablet case

Place a protractor at the bottom left corner of an A4 sheet of card and mark 10 degree intervals using a ruler. Draw lines from the corner of the sheet through the marks to the edge of the card to create a fan design. Number Combine a love of technology and a passion for crafting with our quirky tablet case. This protective patterned slip is made using Art Gallery Fabrics’ Dreaming in French range, which features a variety of colours and designs to suit your style. tablet case each section and cut out to form templates.

Pin the nine pieces number side up onto the wrong side of the various printed fabrics and cut around each one, leaving a 1cm seam allowance. Fold over the edges and tack to the templates neatly.

Oversew each covered template to the next one in sequence using a coordinating thread and small hand stitches, removing the tacking stitches and card as you go. Press the finished rectangle of patchwork.

Cut fusible wadding into two pieces, 20.5cm x 26cm, and iron one section to the reverse of the patchwork leaving a 5mm seam allowance on the two edges adjacent to the starting corner of the fan. Quilt the patchwork to the wadding along the lines of the fan.

Trim the excess fabric from the remaining edges to 2cm. Iron the other piece of wadding to a 25cm x 30cm rectangle of Cor inne Bradd is an award-winning designer who regularly contributes to Sew, as well as our sister titles, Crafts Beautiful, Make Jewellery and Let’s Make Cards. backing material, and trim with a 2cm seam allowance.

Place the two pieces of the case with right sides together and pin, making sure the wadding rectangles are lined up accurately. Stitch around three sides of the panel leaving the top edge open. Turn out the pouch, fold in the top raw edges and tack down.

Cut two 20.5cm x 26cm rectangles of plain lining fabric, plus a 1cm seam allowance on all sides. Stitch around three sides but do not turn out. Fold out the top 1cm and tack. Slip the lining inside the pouch, pin the two folded top edges together and slip stitch.

Make the rosette

Using the picture as a guide, sketch a motif onto a 10cm square of plain cotton. Embroider in complementary shades of thread. Use backstitch to outline and fill with long and short stitches. When complete, press and iron wadding to the back, making sure the motif is sitting centrally.

Trim the fabric and fold the edges over the wadding, tacking into place. Take a strip of patterned fabric, 4cm x 60cm, and fold in half lengthways. Gather up the raw edges with running stitch to make a ruffle.

Tack the ruffle to the underside of the oval motif and stitch into place with coloured embroidery thread. Fix the decoration to the bottom corner of the case with small running stitches, being mindful to only go through the top layer.