Baby changing bag – Free sewing patterns



Fabric: oil cloth, 1mRibbon, coordinating: regular,2m; thin, 30cmBias binding, 1.36mCotton wadding, 50cmZipsEmbroidery thread,stranded cotton

Dimensions List

Nappy roll: 31.5cm x 59.5cmChanging mat: 31.5cm x 59.5cmZip purse: 16cm x 18cm

Create a nappy roll

Cut three 17.5cm x 34cm and two 34cm x 62.5cm pieces of oilcloth. Fold a length of bias binding down one long side of each small rectangle and machine stitch into place. Pin the two smaller rectangles to the large one, right sides facing at raw edges, and sew close to the edge.

To create the middle section of the roll, place the rectangle, with right sides facing, 7cm up from the bound edge and topstitch. Find the middle of this piece and top stitch to create two pockets.

Pin a 2m length of matching ribbon to the edges of both end rectangles, keeping it in one piece and centring it. Place the other large rectangle to the sheet you have just sewn, right sides facing, and stitch a 1cm seam allowance, leaving a gap for turning. Trim the corners, pull through and press. Top stitch the gap closed and sew around the edges.

Stitch a changing mat

Cut two 34cm x 62.5cm pieces of oilcloth and one 34cm x 62.5cm rectangle of cotton wadding. Sew the wadding to the wrong side of one of the pieces of fabric, close to the edge.

Place the other rectangle on top, right sides facing, and stitch around the edges, leaving a gap for turning. Trim the corners, pull through the hole, press and top stitch the gap closed before stitching all the way around.

Make a purse

Cut one 21cm x 34cmpiece of oilcloth and sew bias binding trim along the two long sides. Place a zip, right sides up and, with fabric right sides facing down, sew along one long edge. Match up the raw edges on the other side and stitch in place with a zip foot.

Open the zip and topstitch along both sides. With right sides together, machine sew along the edge of the bias binding, turn through and press. Attach a short length of ribbon through the zip pull.