Back to School? Get Your Kid’s School Supplies and Be Cool!

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The truth is that not every kid is excited to go to school. That’s because school means waking up early, doing homework, finishing exams and accomplishing projects. But school is both meaningful and exciting too, because every kid is bound to make new friends and experience learning. But that’s not the only motivation though – because kids are also excited about their new clothes, shoes, pencils, notebooks and the whole gamut of things they will be needing (or they say they will be needing) in school. Now don’t let this be confusing for you – there are things kids want and things that kids need so just make sure that you have all the basics when it comes to back to school supplies for kids.

Here are some of the most common school supplies kids really need when going back to school:

  1. Bag – Every kid wants a new schoolbag and no parent would insist on letting his/her child use last year’s schoolbag if a new bag is affordable anyway. Consider what your kid wants for his or her bag. Some bags have certain characters printed on them like Spider-Man or the cast of High School Musical. Let your kid choose, but don’t get something that’s too big for them to carry. Try to estimate whether you’re his notebooks and other school materials would fit in the bag, because when it comes to bag, size and design are both important.
  2. Notebooks – Now notebooks are certainly necessary. They come in different sizes, designs and different line formats (all blue or black lines, or the alternate blue and red lines). Make sure that you get one that’s appropriate for your child’s grade level. Again, give your child the freedom to choose a certain cover. Check out the kind of paper used in the notebooks too, get ones that are thick enough and have high quality. Notebooks that are too cheap tend to be the kind that get easily torn or broken when erasures are made.
  3. Writing materials – This includes pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners as well as art materials like crayons. They come in different designs as well so let your child choose whatever design he or she wants. Just remember that pencils come in different kinds – some are used for writing while others are used for drawing and stenciling. Some write more clearly than others, and they’re really made that way, so pay attention if a certain number is indicated on the pencil because that probably means something.

So a bag, some notebooks and writing materials are the basic back to school supplies for kids. You might also need to buy some pad paper, glue and a pair of scissors. It might also be a good idea to get your kid a lunch or snack box of his or her choice. Now other art materials like watercolor or paint and bond paper are more likely to be announced by your child’s art teacher during the first week of class so you don’t really need to buy them right away. The basics are the most important however, so don’t let your child go to school without these things.

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