Basket Weave -Structure, Properties, Uses & Types

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What is Basket weave? In simple words, it`s a kind of weave pattern that resembles a basket. But you didn`t come here to get a layman`s definition, did you? In this article, you`ll be learning a lot more than what basket weave means. From the history to the types, uses, and how it`s made, below is a detailed guide on basket weave and all there is to know about it. Ready? Let`s get to it then!

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What Is Basket Weave History Of Basket Weave Making a Basket WeaveTypes Of Basket Weave What is Basket Weave vs Plain Weave Properties Of Basket Weave What is Basket Weave`s UsesMaintaining Basket Weave What is Basket Weave – In Conclusion

What Is Basket Weave 

Also known as the Panama weave, basket weave is a simple type of colorful textile weave. It is a secondary form of plain weave, with two or more weft and warp yarns alternating to resemble a checkerboard effect. It is identified by its crisscross pattern that forms a checkered design with two or more threads in one group. It is versatile and highly breathable. The knits of a basketweave fabric are loose, hence its breathability. It is noticeably different from plain weave as it commands a burst of colors that can lighten up your mood without being too much.

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History Of Basket Weave 

The origin of this weave dates back to about 12000 years ago. Basket weaves that had been carefully and skillfully woven were found in the Egyptian pyramid and fragments of old baskets were discovered with ancient pottery. This technique of weaving predates most forms of pottery and cloth weaving. It was employed to weave baskets out of rattan. It is, therefore, safe to say that basket weave is one of the very first weaving technique known to man

As time went on, this weaving technique began to attract a lot of attention. With more people appreciating its beauty and how it appeared on the surface, they began to sort out ways to make it into a fabric. In no time, basket weave had become very popular and made its mark in the fashion industry. 

Modern designers began to incorporate it into their work with considerable success. The basketweave speaks class and elegance. It has stood the test of time and it is appreciated now as it was thousands of years ago. 

Making a Basket Weave

Making a basket weave involves interlocking 2 warp threads over or under 2 weft threads in a criss-cross pattern. The basket weave is an expansion in the height and width of the plain weave. To make a basket weave, take 2 or more warp yarns and lower under or lift over the wefts. Each group of warp threads covers the same number of weft threads. Then, follow the same pattern to achieve a perfect checkered pattern. Once you can do that, you`ll be making your basket weaves in no time.


Types Of Basket Weave 

There are two types of basket weaves and they are regular basketweave and irregular basketweave. 

Regular: this type of weave is frequently used for edges in drapery or as the bottom in tiny weave repeats. The tiny weave repeat is due to the texture being far too loose-fitting for large weave repeats.Irregular: this type of basket wave is a combination of irregular warps and weft ribs. 

What is Basket Weave vs Plain Weave 

You might get a little confused trying to figure out the difference between a basket weave and a plain weave. But not to worry, at the end of this article, you should be able to spot and tell a basket weave and plain weave apart. Below are the differences between the basket and plain weaves. 

Simplicity: Plain weave is recognized for its simplicity. It is the simplest and most common type of cloth weave. If you are familiar with crepe, taffeta, organdy, and muslin, then you are familiar with plain weave. Basket weave on the other hand is a variation of the plain weave. It is woven to reveal a checkered or basket pattern hence, the name. Durability: While the plain weave is highly durable, flat, and with a surface that is conducive for printing, basket weave is not quite as durable.Weaving Technique: Plain weave is closely knitted with each warp yarn going alternatively under each weft yarn. This technique of single weaving makes it appear tight and smooth. Basket weave on the other hand is loosely knitted. Though it follows the same alternate weaving pattern, 2 or more warps and wefts are used at once. Hence, it produces a loose fit that is easy to frail. With basket weave, adjacent yarns are grouped and woven as if they are one and the result is an elegant basket pattern. 

Take note of these dissimilarities and you will never have to confuse either of these weaves for each other.

Properties Of Basket Weave 

Once the basket weave penetrated the fashion scene, its uniqueness caught the eye of designers worldwide. It became so popular and highly sort after that many designers wanted to work with it. Some of the noteworthy properties of basketweave that makes it a must-have includes:

Breathability: The looseness of the fabric clarifies why it is breathable. It is comfortable to wear, and also eco-friendly. Because it is loose, it does not clasp to the skin and make you feel trapped hence, giving you all the comfort you require. It`s a characteristic that makes it highly suited to today`s eco-friendly fashion trend. Eye-catching: As a designer, if you are looking to give your client that “Wow” look, using a basketweave fabric will create all the reactions you need. For dresses, it gives your client an extraordinary vintage look and the glam they crave for. Once you get a basketweave fabric, you don`t have to refine it. It is a finished piece that is readily available for tailoring. Drape Quality: Permit me to say basket weave is the queen of drapes! It swaddles effortlessly and gives you a classy feel. Your wardrobe wouldn`t be complete without that feeling. Anti-wrinkle: Ironing an outfit every time you want to use it can be a real bummer. But with basket weave, you never have to put yourself through that much hassle. Just one ironing and it`s okay to go again and again like a relentless soldier. Color Variation: One interesting property of the basketweave is its availability in a huge variety of colors. No matter your preference, you will find a color that suits you. The weaving yarn can be tinted into a profusion of colors, hence you can get the piece you desire in any color of your choice. Sturdy and Pliable: Basket weave is extremely durable and flexible. It can be used over a very long period. If properly cared for, you can rock your favorite basket weave outfit for years until you decide to let it go on your own accord.Style-Friendly:  There are a large variety of styles that your basket weave fabric can be tailored into. It`s a characteristic that makes it must-have fabric. Ask your designer for ideas and pick the one that works. 

What is Basket Weave`s Uses

Elegant, Yes! But what exactly can you do with a basket weave? Below are the many uses of basketweaves:

Monk Clothes: Ever noticed how elegant the shawls and clothes of monks appear? That`s the perfection you get from basketweave fabric. The fabric has been used since it was first manufactured, to make monk garments. Garments: Many undergarments, kimonos, dresses, casual wear, and even office wear are designed from basket weave. It is also stunning for cocktail dresses, and fancy vintage gowns. At the moment, basketweave dresses are a popular trend.Drapes: looking to make a dress with the drapes of an Egyptian goddess? Not that you`ve seen one, but they are thought to be glorious and so are basketweave drapes. The drape and fall quality of the basketweave fabric makes it an ideal choice for curtains and covers. Either as a dress or as a curtain, a basket weave is sure to give you the elegance and sophistication you desire. Decorations: The vintage appearance of this fabric is a superb way to brighten up your home or office space. Many household decoratives are made with basketweave as it is attractive and classy. A piece of basketweave decoration on your wall might just be what you need to get you through difficult days. 

Maintaining Basket Weave 

Although this fabric is durable and shouldn`t be too much trouble to clean, it is advisable to take proper care of it. Wash regularly with cool water and mild soap. Avoid direct heat and make sure to always hang neatly in your wardrobe. Better yet, you could employ the services of a professional, who is good with fabric and their maintenance. Simple steps like these will keep your basketweave in good shape. 

What is Basket Weave – In Conclusion

Basket weaves are currently making waves in the textile industry and for good reason. It has a rich historic background that makes it super classy and desirable. Its versatility is the stuff of dreams. And is another reason why it`s highly sorted after. If you`ve read this article, religiously, from start to finish, you should know all about basket weaves and their importance.

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