Be The Big Bad Ogre This Halloween

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If Halloween night is all about being monstrous, then why not be the most devouring savage monster ever possible – an ogre. Though, after the animated movie Shrek, people seem to adore the ogres more than fear them. Both ways, it makes for a perfectly gory Halloween costume design.

You can actually choose, whether you want to be the classic depiction of ogres or the modern one. In literature books and classics, they do resemble humans, but have a body size blown out of proportion. So their chest and arms are depicted as huge. Also, they have rumpled hair and a beard.

You can achieve this Halloween costume look by being bare-chested, wearing only a hunter styled shorts. And gel your hair for the messy effect. You can use kohl to outline your eyes such as to increase their apparent size. You can also add fake canines to show that you are savage and would readily tear a human apart. A drop of ketchup as fake blood, dripping from the mouth will make the look as realistic as possible.

And if this hunter ogre dress is not your type, then you can opt for the modern version, Shrek.

He is a portly ogre, with pale green skin color, and wears a cream long cotton dress and brown tight pants. So firstly, you would have to manage green paint and then sponge it all over your face and hands. Also you might want to add a cushion to look obese. Wear brown shoes, and a brown belt over your cream shirt.

If you can manage a small brown waist jacket, small enough to accentuate your paunch, then do wear it too. We suggest that gym regulars who want to flaunt their biceps should go for the classic ogre costume. And those of you who are leaning towards the heavier side will look best in the modern version of Shrek, as their Halloween costumes design.

Remember, when it comes to competition between monsters, Ogres are unbeatable. Dominate this Halloween night and enjoy to the hilt.

write by Toma Banner

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