Become Part of a Classic – The Godfather on Xbox360

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There was a time when video games were just about being the hero and saving the day from the enemy. However, as video games and video game systems become more advanced, now you can be so much more than a hero: you can actually interact with characters from a classic movie. If this idea sounds interesting to you, then consider purchasing The Godfather on Xbox 360.

About The Godfather on Xbox 360

If you are a fan of the original Godfather movie, then no doubt you are intrigued by the concept of making it into a video game. When Electronic Arts first announced that they were going to make The Godfather on Xbox 360 game (it is also available for PC and PlayStation 2), many fans wondered if the game could ever live up to the movie.

According to many gamers who have already played The Godfather on Xbox 360, it has lived up to the movie about as well as any video game could. The game is in a 360 perspective, and, although it has it’s own unique storyline, it stays true to many original aspects of the movie.

In The Godfather Xbox 360 game, you are a character that never was in the movie, but you interact with characters from the movie. The beginning of the game has your character’s father being gunned down by enemy mobsters, and you see it all happen in the street.

Then comes a scene in the game which is very similar to the opening wedding scene of the movie. Your character’s mother asks the Godfather to take you under his protection. The Godfather then sends Luca Brasi to teach you mobster skills.

Your character in the game then becomes and enforcer for the Corleones. Your role as this is unofficial, but your job is to get merchants to pay you money for protection. Sometimes these merchants will ask you to do favors for them too, in which you deviate from the main game to go on various missions.

This game is not just about extortion missions, however. There are also other storyline missions that you will have to go on. It should be noted that many of these missions are very dangerous, and your character will most likely die many times before you complete the game.

If you would like to purchase The Godfather on Xbox 360, simply go to your local video game store. You can also buy this game online through a variety of different websites. Will you complete you mission and become a full-fledged mobster? The only way you can find out is by playing the game!

write by Nicole Putt

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