Benefits of Base Layers

Benefits of Base Layers

Base layers over the last five years have become an addition to any sportsperson’s kit, sometimes known as Under Armour or Skins. Before that you wore your teams strip in short or long sleeve and they were your only options regardless of temperature or performance. Base Layers can benefit professionals and social sportsmen, women and kids alike.

Your team’s kit or training top was for team identity or fashion purposes. Your footwear is specifically designed to assist you in your sport and reduce pressure on your feet, why shouldn’t your body benefit from assistance from your happy fathers day funny (lưới bảo vệ cầu thang)? Rugby and football players’ boots have studs for grip and are strongly constructed for support, base layers help you maximise your body’s potential.

Base layers work in several ways to assist your performance and reduce the strain on your body. The tight fit and material of these garments create compression which improves blood circulation around the body, specifically to muscle areas. By speeding up blood flow you get vital food to your muscles faster and eradicate waste products such as lactic acid more proficiently. Scientific research has proven that reducing the build up of lactic acid during and after exercise increases a players recovery time and ultimately their risk of injury is decreased. This in turn will allow you to train or play harder in your next session or game.

The tight fit of the base layer reduces energy sapping oscillation and vibration therefore optimising muscular power out put and thus making the athlete perform better. The garments are constructed to still give you full freedom and movement and the addition of support in needed areas.

Many sportsmen/women across such sports as football, rugby, tennis, skiing and golf benefit from using base layers. These different sports demand diverse benefits from their base layers. Because of this different garments are produced. The main difference is if the athlete wishes to stay warm or cool. This is taken into consideration along with the other compression benefits discussed above. The army, campers and people working outdoors have all used baselayer because of this. Garments are available for all areas of the body. Although ‘power shirts’ for the upper body are the most widely used, there are items available such as shorts, pants and even headwear to utilise from the benefits of this technology.

Overall base layers are a positive advancement in sportswear helping both your performance and protecting your body from the strains of sport.

write by Keva