Berber Carpet Cleaning – Tips For the Proper Care of Berber Carpet

Berber Carpet Cleaning - Tips For the Proper Care of Berber Carpet

Berber Carpet Cleaning - Tips For the Proper Care of Berber Carpetblack t shirt

Carpet is the most practical, fashionable and versatile flooring choice and it accounts for more than half of all flooring purchases made each year. In fact, carpet has outsold every other type of floor covering for many years.

It is the foundation for decorating any room and because it is available in so many textures and colours it creates an unlimited number of possibilities. Carpet introduces colour and texture to your decorating scheme, while generating the feelings of warmth, comfort and Beauty to your home.

One of the most popular types of carpet available for your home today is Berber carpet. Berber carpet is not a specific type of carpet; it is a weave of carpet consisting of dense small loops. It is durable carpeting, constructed of rugged looped pile running in parallel lines. The loop lengths are short so footprints don’t show and compressed traffic patterns and wear aren’t a problem. One of the biggest reasons that many people choose a Berber carpet is for its ease of care.

One of the best ways to clean your Berber carpet is to develop some habits to keep it clean. The reason for this is that with certain types of Berber carpet they can be very difficult to clean once stains start to appear.

Taking your new york yankees zip up hoodie off at the door is one of the best ways to prevent dirt damage to your carpets. Dirty feet are a major enemy of Berber carpeting because thy can be more susceptible to showing traffic patterns because of the low pile. st louis cardinals polo are in contact with all kinds of dirt and grime, like oil, mud, and bubble gum, and not tracking that in will keep your carpet clean.

Because of the design of Berber carpet with the tight looped pile, it is easier to keep the carpet clean by vacuuming frequently. Removing the dust and dirt before it embeds itself deep in the carpet make the job of keeping it clean much easier. Make sure that when you use a beater bar that you don’t go over any snags in the carpet. They could catch on the beater bar and cause permanent damage to your Berber carpet. Pets with long nails and children with sharp objects, toys or other playthings can easily cause pulls. If you find a snag, do not continue to tug on it. Call a professional and have it repaired.

Berber carpet comes in different fibers and each one requires a different method of cleaning. The most popular Berber today that has all the cleaning problems is made of Olefin. The best way to clean this type of Berber carpet is to use hot water extraction. The biggest complaint is that it turns grayish, yellowish or brownish after cleaning. If you drag a heavy piece of furniture across it, the Berber will have scorch marks left on it, which are impossible to remove. Any oil based stains bond to olefin and become permanent. The only way to make olefin Berber carpets restore to a clean condition is to use cleaning solution with a high PH. This usually means the carpet will get dirty faster.

Nylon Berber carpet is a good choice for those looking for the elegance of Berber carpeting without the expense of wool Berber carpet. It holds up to stains and traffic better than olefin fibers. The first reason is that it resists stains, mold, and mildew. By cleaning a stain to as soon as possible when it happens, it will most likely come out with very little work. It is also crush resistant, which is great for high traffic areas. The best method of cleaning the nylon Berber is a low moisture cleaning method. This will generate better results and the carpets are dry very quickly.

If your budget can handle the cost of wool Berber, you will be thrilled with the performance. Wool as naturally occurring stain resistant and wear resistant qualities that are not found in synthetic carpets. You need to use very low moisture methods of cleaning with wool Berber carpets but they clean extremely well.

With the many choices of Berber on the market today and with a proper cleaning and maintenance program, you will enjoy the benefit of Berber carpets for many years.

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