Best Places to Get a Temporary Tattoo For Women

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A lot of people are thinking about getting a real tattoo somewhere on their bodies. But people must be careful not to just get anything and rush into it. This is something that you will be dealing with for the rest of your life. A good thing to research is whether or not you should get a temporary tattoo first to see if this is something that you want to have on your body for the rest of your life. Plus another thing to think of is where you will want to put the tattoo on your body. For a women it is usually about putting the tattoo someplace where it will look sexy. You don’t want it to be in a place where it will be bad for business situations, but you would want it in a place where it will look nice when you are in some sexy clothes on a Friday night or at the beach.

The top place that is underestimated is the foot. The foot can be covered up really easy with socks or shoes and when you are out on a Friday night or at the beach it will be visible. Just make sure to do whatever you do here, keep it small and cute. Don’t try to get something that is the entire size of your foot, but rather something that fits on the top of your foot strategically.

Another great and sexy place to get a tattoo at is on your navel. But please stay away from butterflies. That has been outdone and is blaus’e. Instead go for something that entices the man to see more. These tattoos look extremely sexy when there is a good tan surrounding it. The benefit of having one here is that it will be covered up unless needed to be shown. Which with some tattoos is really what you want.

The next best place for a tattoo is the ankle. Again it can be covered up if needed be by a pair of pants. But having a tattoo will be visible and is a little subtle. It says that you are aware that you don’t need to really show off your tattoo in a place that says look at me, but instead says that I am a serious person, but I do have a wild side. Which is always nice to know.

The last place to get a tattoo is on the lower back. I would not suggest getting a tattoo here. It has been done by so many people that it just doesn’t have the allure that it once did. Plus when you get a tattoo here you have to go big or it will look disproportional. Usually the tattoos here stretch the entire backs length. The problem with these tattoos is that even if you are trying to cover these up there is still a good chance that someone will see them, when you bend over to reach for your briefcase or at a time that you don’t want it to be seen.

I say all this as a matter of opinion. But as I said before sometimes it is best to get these tattoos as temporary tattoos and see if this is something that you will want to live with. Who knows, maybe you just have to get the urge of having a tattoo out of your system and this might be a perfect solution to this.

write by Mital Patel

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