Best Uses For Women’s Belts – Women’s Belts Are Not Just Used to Hold the Pants Up – Or Are They?

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Have you ever wondered what the purposes of women’s belts where? Men wear their leather belts to hold their pants up but women’s belts often have several purposes.

A few good uses for women’s belts are:

•Accentuate your curves
•Draw in your waist
•Give your outfit a touch of class
•Separate the top color from the bottom color
•Hold your pants up – Yes this is still a good use

The men leather belt is typically simple and masculine where women’s belts are more defining and delicate looking. Women’s belts come in many designs and styles to compliment the feminine and subtle figure of a woman.

Men need a belt buckle to hold his belt snug and sturdy. A women’s belt may use a colorful buckle, a stylish tie-on to sport a dainty bow, or Velcro to hold the belt together.

Men will typically choose a sturdy, plane brown or black leather belt but the women’s belt comes in many materials, styles, and colors. There are many but some of the styles and materials are:

•Patent leather
•Snake Skin

Besides women’s belts being available in many materials, styles, and colors they often are adorned with shinny objects such as:

•Studs in many shapes and colors

Most women’s belts that are available in weave or loops and are made of different materials go with almost anything. If you’re looking for an all around belt the stylish, eye catching Concho belts go well with many dressy or even casual outfits. Concho belts come in many designs and usually are covered with silver, rhinestones, and other beaded studs. I especially feel that the Concho belt goes very well with your western outfits.

If you would like something a bit fancier and unique you can have a custom-made belt ordered to fit your mood or to fit that one in a kind look you are styling. But be advised that these belts can be expensive. If cost is not an issue then you can search out well-known designers such as:

• Gucci
• Versace
• Prada
• Ghibli

There are many trinkets that can give your belt that sharp, unique look. However, the right belt buckle will set your belt off and give your outfit that eye catching dazzle you are looking for.

write by Clement

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