Bird print Binoculars Case Tripod Sling and Sketchbook – Free sewing patterns


**Sew a binoculars case**Fabric, Spoonflower Scrummy range: Just Puffins; Just Small Puffins, fat quarter of eachWadding, quilting, lightweight, fat quarterSnap fasteners, two**Stitch a tripod sling**Fabric, cotton: plain, 32cm x 50cm, 9cm square; Spoonflower Scrummy range, Just Puffins, 16cm x 35cm; white polka dots on yellow, 16cm x 35cm, 5cm x 85cmElastic, 2mm, round, black, 40cmCord lock, spring loaded

Cutting Guide

Back and base: 15cm x 20cm, cut one from each fabricFront: 15cm square, cut one from each fabricTop and flap: 10cm x 15cm, cut one from each fabricSides: 5cm x 15cm, cut one pair from each fabricStraps: 5cm x 55cm, cut two from each fab

Dimensions List

**Sew a binoculars case**To fit a pair of binoculars 5cm x 14cm squareUse a 5mm seam allowance unless otherwise stated**Stitch a tripod sling**To fit a tripod 45cm tall excluding tilting head, and 25cm in circumference when folded down

Stitch a tripod sling

To create the pocket, cut a 16cm x 35cm rectangle from puffin and polka dot fabric. Place right sides together and sew along the top long edge. Open out and press the seam to one side before folding right sides out, allowing 5mm of the lining fabric to be seen above the outer fabric, press and trim the outer fabric to the same length as the spotty lining.

Place the pocket fabric outer side up onto one short edge of the 32cm x 50cm plain cotton rectangle, raw edges matching. Pin and topstitch a straight line from the centre of the pocket’s long, folded edge down to the raw edge.

Place the small square of plain cotton over the pocket, raw edges matching and with one side overlapping the centre line by 5mm. Stitch along the bottom edge. Pin and sew the adjacent side of the square to the base of the pocket on the other side of the centre line.

Pin and stitch the remaining sides of the square to the pocket raw edge, one at a time. There will be excess fabric on the main part of the bag, do not trim this.

Fold the strip of polka dot fabric right sides together lengthways and stitch 5mm from the long raw edge. Turn out and press to make a strap. Fold the bag in half right sides together, place the strap inside and allow one end to emerge at a 45? angle from the base of the bag where there is excess fabric. Pin and stitch from the corner of the base square to the long edge of the bag at 45?, attaching the strap as you do so.

Ensure the strap is not twisted inside the bag and pin the other end between the bag sides, 45cm from the base. Stitch the long edge of the bag from the 45? angle to the top of the strap, encasing the short edges of the pocket as you do so and leaving the top 5cm of the bag side seam open.

Hem 5mm at the edges of the open seam. Double hem the top of the bag, folding over 1cm, then 2cm. Stitch along the hem to leave a channel for a drawstring. Turn out the bag and press. Thread a 40cm length of round black elastic through the channel and knot securely. Pull the loop of elastic round so the knot is hidden within the channel. Thread a spring loaded cord lock onto the excess loop so the drawstring can be tightened.