Birds In The Air Quilt – Free sewing patterns


Coordinating cotton prints, fat quarters, sixWhite cotton fabric, 2.5m4oz wadding, 1.5m

Dimensions List

Block: 30cm squareQuilt: 1m x 1.32mNote: Use a 5mm seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Make a Block

Cut a 31.5cm coloured cotton square in half, diagonally, to make two triangles. Set one aside for another block. Cut four 11.5cm squares from white cotton, plus two more from colourful fabric. Draw a diagonal line on the reverse of the printed pieces and pin each one, face down, onto a white square.

Stitch the squares together, 5mm from either side of the drawn line. Cut them in half along the line, open out and press to make half square triangles (HST). Put one HST aside. Cut the remaining white squares in half diagonally and put one piece aside.

Stitch two HST right sides together, so the white sections are top right. Sew a white triangle on one short side to the bottom edge and press. Take the remaining HST and sew two white triangles short sides to the coloured edges. Stitch the two sections together so that all the white triangles point in the same direction and the seams match up neatly. Press.

Pin the large coloured triangle to the left side of the patchwork, along the diagonal, and sew them together. Open out and press.

Stitch a Quilt

Make two blocks each from six different shades and lay them out so the large coloured triangles point in the same direction. Stitch the blocks together in strips of three, then stitch these into a large panel, matching up the seams as you go.

Cut a 1.2m x 1.5m piece of white cotton. Lay a 1.01m x 1.33m panel of wadding in the centre and place the quilt top over the top, leaving an equal border of wadding all round. Pin the stack together at regular intervals.

Topstitch the main seam lines and diagonals in the ditch. Repin the edges of the quilt and check the border of wadding is still equal all round, (approximately 6cm). Fold the backing fabric over the wadding and pin close to the folded edge.

Turn the raw edge of the backing fabric to cover 5mm of the edge of the quilt top and repin. Mitre the corners and topstitch the border to the quilt, 1mm from the inner fold. Topstitch the mitres to hold them closed.