Black Toenail Fungus – List of Important Facts and Cures

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So you have black toenail fungus? You may seem ashamed to reveal your feet. You keep your toenails packed in your shoes where ever you go because you don’t want to reveal them. This is all common. And something to make you feel better is the fact the problem of black toenail fungus is very common as well.

So below I have listed why you have it and how you are going to cure right now. Follow the instructions carefully!

Black Toenail Fungus Causes

• Trauma to your toe because of bruising

• Runners may have the fungus fungus from running shows or wearing no socks

• Shoes that have accumulated tons of sweat into its cloth

• Cutting your toenails too short

• Public areas especially pools, gyms, showers etc. have enough fungus

Black Toenail Fungus Symptoms

• Discoloration of toenail

• Discoloration can be black, green, brown or yellow

• Brittle toenails or cracked

• Thick toenails

• Pain when walking on toenail

• Faint smell coming from under the toenail

Steps to FIX Black Toenail Fungus

• Let your feet breath by trying to stay barefoot as much as possible throughout the day

• Eliminate moisture which includes water as that is a breeding place for fungus

• Get rid of old sweaty pairs of shoes


• After eliminating moisture from your toenails, apply antifungal toenail treatment

• Apply twice daily for 4 weeks and you will see results

Follow the instructions carefully, to the dot and you will get rid of fungus in no time. I have found that eliminating items that will moisturize your toenails first is key. Some people try to kill 2 birds with one stone and apply the antifungal treatment and eliminate moisture at the same time. That does not work too well.

Get rid of moisture, apply the treatment and you are golden. You can start this treatment right away from free.

write by Egbert

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