Brand Your eBay Store With a Custom Logo Design

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Just opened your eBay store? Now is the time to think about the perfect eBay store logo design to help brand your store and set it apart from the plethora of other sellers on eBay. Your eBay store logo should help tell the story of what your store has to offer while giving you the brand recognition that it takes to become a successful eBay power seller!

Showcase Your Professionalism With a Custom Logo

Because your eBay store resides online (although some sellers have brick and mortar establishments as well), branding your image with an effective logo is an integral part of the big game of Internet commerce. More and more people shop online and they look for professional sellers that they can trust to deliver the goods they are looking for. A great logo for your eBay store can lend you that professional edge and give you the appearance of being just what your would-be customers are looking for.

Using Creativity in Your eBay Store Logo Design

Your logo design should be based on what the mainstream number of your sales come from. For instance, you might dabble in lots of different items, but your main source of revenue comes from selling purses. Your store logo should definitely incorporate that theme, and you can build upon the fact that you sell lots of other things in addition to purses; for example, perhaps you sell lots of purses, some shoes, and a few accessories. Perhaps your logo might include the image of a “stuffed” purse with accessories and shoes “falling” out of the purse. With a bit of creativity and a working knowledge of what your eBay store does best, you can come up with the most appealing logo for your business.

Simplistic eBay Store Logo Designs

When designing your eBay store logo, you should keep your design as simple as possible while still delivering the message that you wish to get across. For instance, a complex design in 3D is a bit complicated for most viewers, and does not usually serve the purpose that you have. Additionally, a logo design with more than three colors is considered too “busy” to be remarkable because the eye wanders across the entire logo without grasping its concept. As a general rule, your logo design should be just as great if you printed it out in black/white/and gray tones as it would in blazing purple and bright red. This is the mark of an effective eBay store logo design – just as the Nike swoosh is recognized no matter what color it is printed in.

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