Brush holder – Free sewing patterns


Main fabric, 27cm x 37cmScrap fabric, 27cm x 37cmLining, 25cm x 35cmPocket fabric, 14cm x 35cmFlap fabric, 24cm x 32cmBias binding, 1.6mNarrow ribbon, 80cmCoordinating threadBeads, twoQuilter’s rulerHeat erasable penWadding, 27cm x 37cm

Dimensions List

24cm x 33.5cm

sew a brush cover

1 Mark a 4cm diagonal grid across the main 27cm x 37cm musical print fabric. Place wadding over the same size of scrap fabric and lay the main fabric on top. Pin the layers together, and stitch along the lines. Trim to 25cm x 35cm.

2 Neaten the top edge of the 14cm x 35cm pocket with bias binding. Using an erasable pen, draw a series of lines across the width, spacing them randomly from 2cm to 3.5cm apart. Pin to 25cm x 35cm of lining fabric, matching side and bottom edges and stitch along each of the marked lines, securing each row just below the binding with reverse stitches. With wrong sides facing, pin to the lower half of the outside cover.

3 With right sides facing, fold the 24cm x 32cm flap fabric in half and draw a curve at each corner, adjacent to the fold. Machine stitch the side edges and curve, with a 5mm seam allowance. Trim the corners, turn through and press. Pin the raw edge centrally to the top edge of the lining.

4 Tack all the parts together around the outside edge. Fold 80cm of ribbon in half, and tack the fold to the centre of the right side, on the inside, so the two ends face inwards. Starting at the centre bottom edge, bind the edge with the remaining binding, mitring the corners. Thread a bead onto each end of the ribbon and knot to secure.