Building An Outfit Around Your Shoes

Building An Outfit Around Your Shoes

Building An Outfit Around Your Shoesblack t shirt

Without the right philadelphia phillies t shirt for the outfit, it can be either a hit or miss on the entire look of the ensemble. If I find a really cute pair of philadelphia phillies t shirt that I can’t live without, I’ll build my outfit around those shoes.

I bought these red high heel pumps to wear to a party but didn’t have a red dress to wear with them. I just fell in love with the high heels and the color of them, which was a glossy cherry red. So of course I had to go out and look for a dress to match. I got many compliments from my friends on that outfit.

Another time I had purchased a pair of cobalt blue stiletto heels, you can see by now that I love bright colors. Yet again, I had to go shopping for the perfect outfit to match those blue shoes. This time I found this sweater and pants set that was almost the same color of the shoes. The sweater had these beautiful hand-embroidered poinsettias and gold beads and the pants were royal blue velvet. I wore that outfit to many Christmas parties.

Pink is my favorite color, so of course I have to have several pink shoes – pink high heels, sandals, and pumps. I have these fuschia pink high heel stilettos that are glittery and paired them with a sexy black skirt, fuschia silk button down viking shirts with a black blazer over it.

Once I found these knee-high boots that had leopard print cuffs on them. I went online to shop for a handbag with leopard print trim to match them up with. Fashion trends say that animal print is really hot today, but I’ve always liked my fashion a little on the wild side!

I can’t until summertime because I purchased a really cute white backless dress I found at the end of last season on clearance – the price had been half off. I want to find a cute pair of white sandals to wear with it.

I’m sure everyone has similar stories to share. I feel that your clothes are an expression of yourself. A lot of women like to stick to the classic brown, gray, black and navy and that’s a great look. Those colors are always in style and good looking. I like to mix mine up a bit, maybe pair a bright color with the classics just to amp it up! As long as you feel comfortable and love what you’re wearing, that’s all that counts.

As long as the shoe designers keep coming up with new designs for their philadelphia phillies t shirt we will continue to be hot after their trail to find the perfect shoe for the perfect outfit, or the other way around.

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