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You might know that not everyone likes it when men wear cheap skinny jeans. The images of emo kids and juvenile skater boys are the first ones that come into your mind when you think of skinny jeans on a masculine man. No worries, however, as our experience tells us that it is not about what you wear, but more about how you wear it and also what you wear it with.

Are Skinny Jeans So Risky For Men To Wear?

Not all jeans are equally skinny, so if you want to avoid looking like a little boy just choose those that are a bit wider. The extremely skinny jeans are indeed usually worn by emo people or those who are really into fashion trends and don’t mind looking a bit feminine. There is a bit of charm to those images, if we were to be honest, but we don’t expect most male population to understand it, and let’s face it – the topic of fashion is mostly a women’s topic, not men’s.

From The Past To Nowadays

The fashion on skinny jeans has emerged in 1950s and has been changing ever since. The tight skinny pants were worn by such big names as Elvis Presley, Beatles and Michael Jackson. Of course, they received very mixed reactions from the crowd for wearing these pants, but that is probably also why this clothing has gained so much popularity. Many other famous rock bands also wore skinny pants, including the glamorous KISS, Metallica and Aerosmith.

Who Wear Skinny Jeans Today

These days you mostly see either glamorous crowd that wear tight designer skinny jeans, or teenagers who wear them with sneakers or dress shoes (which actually is really a good combination, if you know how to choose the items to complement the individuality of your body complexion) with the majority of population preferring the regular fit types of jeans. However, sometimes you don’t have the regular types of jeans that would fit your waist, for example, and that’s when the skinny jeans are chosen instead.

The most common mistakes that people make when buying jeans

The most common mistake the male population makes when buying jeans is they tend to go after wrong sizes. That is true not only for jeans, but for the men’s clothing in general. Remember, guys, that when you buy a shirt its shoulders must coincide with your shoulders exactly, and when you buy skinny jeans you want them to fit your legs as tightly as possible (in fact, this is true when buying any kind of jeans). Most general rule that we like to give to men is that if you think that the clothing fits because there is some “free space” in it – pick a smaller size.

Another mistake that people make when buying jeans is that they rush their decisions whenever they see a big discount on a product. While most shops allow the items to be returned, you still want to base your decisions on the fit and the design first and foremost, and only then price. Women are also guilty of this, by the way.

write by Joshua Underwood

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