Calico Apppliqued Dinosaur Apron – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: calico, 1m; printed, 25cmFelt: lime green; blue; orangeThread: sewing, turquoise; lime; blue; orange; embroidery, contrasting coloursCotton tape, 2mHook and loop tape, sew-on, white Hand dye, blueFusible webbing, 25cmNeedle: sewing; darningButtons, pearl, three

Dimensions List

45cm x 61cm (excluding ties)

Make an apron

Draw a 47cm x 63.5cm rectangle onto pattern paper, so that a short edge is at the top. Measure 12cm in from both top corners and mark. Then measure down 18.5cm from the same top corners on both sides and mark again. Draw an inverted curve between these points to create a curved apron shape.

Cut calico slightly bigger than this shape to allow for shrinkage. Wash the material, then dye it by hand. Wash out the excess dye, dry and press. Trim away the frayed edges, then use the template provided to cut out the apron shape. Keep the two curved pieces of the apron sides and keep for later.

Fold over a 5mm double hem at the sides and bottom of the apron. Pin and press in place. Cut two pieces of tape for the ties 49cm long each. Fold over the ends of the apron ties and stitch to stop them from fraying. Place two of the ends under the side hem of the apron and pin. Fold the top of the apron over twice by 1cm, hand tack if preferred, then machine stitch with contrasting thread.

Use the leftover curved pieces of fabric to make a pocket. Sew them together to make a semi-circle and stitch a length of ribbon down the centre. Fold a 1cm hem all around the pocket, clipping the curves. Press, then stitch centrally to the apron.

Cut a 50cm length of tape (or enough to fit) for the neck tie and machine stitch to one side of the apron bib. Add a square of hook and loop tape to the end of the tie and machine stitch. Sew on the remaining part of the hook and loop tape to the opposite side.

Pin the fusible webbing to printed fabric and felt pieces, then carefully cut out three plesiosaurs and orange fish shapes. Use a hot iron to adhere the motifs to the apron. With a contrasting length of embroidery thread, hand stitch all around the motifs to complete the look. Add shell buttons for the dinosaur’s eyes.